How to Get Paid Blogging on Your YouTube Channel in Just 5 Steps

Get Paid Blogging on YouTube

Get Paid Blogging on YouTube

How to get paid blogging on YouTube, or vlogging, has become a popular subject these days.

Whether you’re starting your channel to showcase the hilarious antics of your friends and family or using it to share your passion of a particular hobby, there’s almost always an audience of people who would love to watch you do it.

Some people have made millions on YouTube. While that’s very rare, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some extra spending money documenting your life.

How to Get Paid Blogging on YouTube: Use the Right Keywords

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If you want the right people to find your videos, you’ll need to make it easy for them to do so.

People are probably searching for videos in your niche. And all you need to know is the way they look for those videos on YouTube.

By using YouTube’s search bar, you’re able to start a search query and view autocompletes of the most popular search term.

Just input a few words about your subject and use the phrases that come up most often as tags for your video.

For a more in-depth look at how this can be done in an effective, time-saving way, take a quick look at Walt Bayliss’s cloud solution.

Look Professional

Consumer technology has gotten so much better over the years and this has raised the bar for what the average YouTube user expects to see in a video.

Grab yourself an HD camera – most DSLR cameras shoot in quality that’s practically great enough for television, and they’re relatively expensive nowadays.

Then, get some graphics made for your channel. You might also want to create intro and outro sequences for your videos.

If you aren’t a skilled graphic designer, you can always hire one on Gumtree to create these graphics for you.

Provide Original Content

Though YouTube is a large community, it’s also a very tight knit one.

If you outright copy someone else, or even take just a little too much influence from them, people will be quick to notice.

YouTube comments can get pretty intense when these things happen, so it’s best to play it safe. Make sure you’re providing viewers with completely original content.

So, if you’d like to be funny, be careful not to borrow other people’s jokes without proper attribution.

Be Advertiser-Friendly

Money on YouTube comes from two sources – sponsored videos, and ad revenue. YouTubers generally don’t get offered sponsorships until they’ve made big names for themselves. But anyone can run ads on their videos.

Some advertisers are very selective about the kinds of videos they’ll run their advertisements on, and creating adult content or content that may be deemed offensive can cause advertisers to opt out of your videos.

Make sure you aren’t pushing the limits with YouTube’s community guidelines in order to stay advertiser friendly.

Encourage People to Subscribe

In order to get paid blogging on YouTube, you’ll need a large following and a substantial amount of views.

You can count on regular views if you have a large subscriber base. At the end of your videos, ask viewers to subscribe to see more content.

You can take things a step further by asking viewers to click the bell icon, which will send them a push notification every time you publish a new video on your channel.

This assures that they’ll never miss out. You’ll be creating loyal viewers and generating cash at the same time.


It’s a long way off to amass millions of subscribers and to be able to quit your day job, but who knows what will happen with enough dedication?

As long as you stay committed to your YouTube channel and regularly upload great content, you’d never know what will happen.

But to have more control on how quickly you can earn money blogging on YouTube, you may want to check out Hydravid. It’s designed to help you get your videos ranking higher, quicker.

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Get Paid Blogging on YouTube

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