5 Perfect WordPress Podcast Plugins for Your Website

The common misconception about content is that it’s limited to either ‘text’ or ‘images’. Cue the almighty eye-roll of exasperation.

I know, right?

Thankfully, this stupid norm is fading fast from the minds of canny content marketers today. They know – Content is King and you need to produce and distribute it consistently, and the more awesome multimedia content (audios and videos, among others) there is, the better your ROI on content marketing.

With a WordPress website, you are already pretty well set in terms of easily manageable content creation and publishing.

But that’s not all. If you’re thinking to take your online marketing up a notch or two, there are no better ways than producing and broadcasting brilliant multimedia content – Vodcasts, Podcasts, eBooks, and yes, the old school text blogs and pictures.

Here are 5 perfect WordPress podcast plugins to help you broadcast your voice through your WordPress website:

1. Seriously Simple Podcasting

WordPress podcast plugins: Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Available at: WordPress.org
User rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free core plugin available with free add-ons

This is a pet project of WordPress developer extraordinaire Hugh Lashbrooke, and he promises (right in the footer of its website) that the plugin (and all its add-ons) will always be 100% free. That’s a sweet deal for starters and pros alike.

Seriously Simple Podcasting is easy to set up and use thanks to its old-school WordPress look and bare minimum configuration controls for you to accidentally mess up. Everything is pre-programmed, and all you need to do is create great content.

The plugin features:

  • Multiple podcasts on a single domain with unique and easily configurable RSS feed for each (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and more).
  • Free statistics add-on for comprehensive analytical insight
  • Audio as well as video broadcasting
  • Separate custom post type (‘podcast’) and taxonomy (‘series’) for easy organization
  • Shortcodes and widgets for front end podcast (episode and series) presentation
  • Works using default WordPress Media Player – better performance
  • Support for 3rd Party media hosting
  • I18n Support (for translation purposes)

I would gladly pay to use this brilliant, highly compatible (with other themes and plugins) little tool. As it is, the best things in life sometimes are free.

2. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

WordPress Podcast Plugins: Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

Available at: WordPress.org
User rating: 4.8/5
Price: Free core plugin and add-ons. Integration with premium Blubrry podcasting services available

Blubrry is a pretty chic provider of Podcasting services, and the PowerPress plugin is their way of welcoming WordPress site users to their community. With over 50,000 active installs, this plugin remains the most widely used and well-rated of the WordPress podcast plugins available.

It does not disappoint. Here’s what it’s packing:

  • Complete iTunes and Google Play support
  • Multiple custom HTML5 audio and video players on a single domain
  • Supports multiple media file formats and categories
  • Easy migration tools from other podcasting plugins
  • Podcasting SEO tools
  • Integrated Subscription promotion features
  • Supports 3rd party media hosting (embeds)
  • Custom post types and taxonomy for podcasts
  • Free Media Statistics
  • Presented with shortcodes and widgets
  • Multisite support via add-on plugin

PowerPress doesn’t disappoint – It’s the whole raw, real deal in the podcasting vertical: one of the best WordPress podcast plugins available.

3. Cincopa

WordPress Podcast Plugins: Cincopa


Available at: cincopa.com
User rating: N/A
Price: Free core plugin (requires registration). Premium subscription plans available

Cincopa is a sweet little thing for your broadcasting needs on WordPress and beyond.

This plugin is pretty simple: all you need to do is select a custom podcast player skin (from a well-stocked library of designs), upload your podcast file to cloud or server, and let Cincopa do the rest. The plugin will also generate podcast/ vodcasts embeddable code for your fans to share on the web.

Additional features include:

  • Advanced Video view analytics (timeframe, video heat maps, etc.)
  • Live broadcast support (via Chromecast)
  • White labeled players and media
  • Security – Right click protection, domain lock, password authentication, etc.
  • Lead generation and engagement tracking tools
  • Built-in efficient SEO features (pre-configured as well as changeable)
  • Integrated CDN

It’s smart, suave, and sweet. Perfect for any scale and amount of rich media content and traffic.

4. Podlove Podcast Publisher

WordPress Podcast Plugins: Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Podcast Publisher

Available at: WordPress.org
User rating: 4.7/5
Price: Free

Podlove is all you need and more from a Podcast plugin.

This beauty is one with brains – The plugin, developed by a community, features a stunning user interface (on both ends), with refined metadata and great compatibility.

Here’s what else it’s got:

  • Multi-format podcasting – Basic file name conventions exterminate the need for complex filters and make it easier to find for users
  • Brilliantly optimized web player (integrated)
  • Structured Episodes with info you can store and edit in Chapter information
  • Stunning templates to pick from and customize to your heart’s content.

More info about file downloads and additional features is available at Podlove.org.

5. Premium WordPress Podcast Plugins: Smart Podcast Player

WordPress Podcast Plugins: Smart Podcast Player

Smart Podcast Player

Available at: smartpodcastplayer.com
User rating: N/A
Price: One year, single site license available for $8/mo (annual billing) and $12/mo (monthly billing)

You can’t help but fall in love with this super sleek, stylish, and smart WordPress podcast plugin.

Smart Podcast player (by Pat Flynn) is a feather-light little thing that can handle external media hosting, allows easy interactions with your library, and looks damn awesome on every interface with its customizable color schemes.

The plugin features:

  • Complete MP3 / iTunes compatibility
  • Automatic library updates (podcast series) with metadata carried over from previous episodes.
  • Playback speed controls.
  • Single/multi-track player with download option
  • Custom podcast tags and taxonomy for easy sorting and management (on both ends)
  • Social sharing options.

It’s cool, is what I’m saying. It keeps feature overload at bay and lets you focus.


The best in class WordPress podcast plugins for your video/audio broadcasting needs – that’s what I strived to find and list here in this post. Let me know which ones you found useful if you have prior experience with WordPress podcasting plugins.

Author Bio:

Tracey Jones is a web development expert with years of experience. She is presently employed with HireWPGeeks Ltd., a reliable company which provides custom WordPress Plugin development service in an efficient manner. She is also an enthusiastic blogger who is interested in writing information-rich blogs and article about WordPress.

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