The Rise Of Video Marketing Online – What You Need To Know

Viral MarketingIt is no secret that video marketing online has continued to grow throughout all of 2014, meaning that businesses utilize it more often and an overall higher percentage of all Internet traffic was video content. In fact, by 2018, it is predicted that 79% of online traffic will be video, which is driven by a significant increase in mobile usage.

In this day and age, video is no longer a niche form of marketing-but a central aspect of most businesses marketing strategy, driven by the change in consumption patterns of consumers towards video. In fact, in 2014, 81% of companies produced video content for their website. Technological advancements and the widespread use of social media have made it easier to both produce and disseminate video content for marketing purposes.

With all of this information in mind, it’s clear that video is no longer a tool used strictly for entertainment. In today’s business environment, video is fast becoming the medium of choice for marketing executives when communicating with prospective customers in an online environment.

The rise of video marketing is an important topic for marketers, so continue reading to learn what you need to know for your business.

Increased Importance

In a recent study of B2B businesses, 95% said that video marketing online was both valuable and important to their overall marketing strategy. IP video traffic has already increased 13% in one year, and this number is expected to continue growing into the future.

Videos are quickly becoming a staple of the modern marketing plan, promoting a company’s message in an informational-yet fun-manner that has the capability to keep your audience interested. Since it is easier to persuade people with video than it is with paragraphs of text, video is truly an opportunity to show off all aspects of your products.

Not only is video more persuasive, it caters to the rapidly moving society of today. Potential prospects cannot afford the time to read through pages of material, especially when they can receive the same amount of information in a one-minute video.

By providing the important facts and key reasons why they need to buy your product, your business can attract and engage with prospective clients who would not have otherwise bothered to consider what you’re selling.

High Volume of Content

More and more businesses are diving into the video marketing arena, making it one of the most popular aspects of a company’s marketing strategy. While it provides a host of opportunities, the increased volume of videos also signifies an increase in competition.

Video marketers are going to need to raise their game to stand out from the rest of marketers in the field. It is predicted that it will take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross the global IP networks each month in 2018.

With such a high volume of content, consumers will be forced to ignore content that doesn’t catch their attention or provide them with some kind of added value.

Access from Mobile Devices

One of the most important considerations for marketers to make is converting their video content to mobile devices to make it more available to consumers. Facebook and YouTube are the two sites with the highest amount of daily video content.

On its own, Facebook receives one billion views per day, which makes it a serious competitor to YouTube, the current king of videos. With this growing importance of Facebook, it is important to consider that 65% of those one billion video views on Facebook are viewed from mobile devices.

For YouTube, about 50% of video views are accessed from mobile devices, in total, accounting for millions of videos being accessed on a mobile phone. It is a consideration that every marketer needs to take into account.

Increase in Conversions

As with any new marketing technique, it is particularly important that the company is reaping the benefits of its investment. These benefits can be felt in the areas of sales, leads or conversions, for example. More than two thirds of businesses in a recent survey said that their video content is outperforming other forms of content.

Video marketing online is not a thing of the future; it has already arrived. For those companies looking to engage new customers, follow marketing trends and increase their conversions, video marketing is one of the best ways to meet these goals.

Now that you’ve heard all you need to know about the importance and relevance of video marketing, it may be time to implement it into your business. When you’re getting started, it helps to remember that you don’t need to shoot a perfect video; just get your message out there and don’t dwell on little stutters here and there. In fact, a less-than-perfect video will look more natural and help endear you to your audience. 🙂

For additional tips and assistance incorporating video marketing online into your marketing strategy, consult a digital marketing agency for expert advice in the field.

  Deanna Ayres is The Marketing Zen Group‘s Community Outreach Supervisor and SEM Strategist. She is passionate about creating content marketing strategies in a team environment and is a firm Believer that making personal connections is essential to ongoing success. Being raised in Europe has afforded her a unique perspective of different cultural aspects in marketing and business. This coffee-lover’s hobbies include photography, cooking, gaming and all things geek. You can find and follow her here: @deanna_ayres

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