Choosing the Best Hosting Service: An Infographic

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Finding the best hosting service for your business needs can be just as difficult as conceiving a unique idea for your business.

And setting up your website is the first step towards your online presence. So it is paramount that you select the best hosting service for your particular situation.

Choosing the Best Hosting Service: False Promises in the Market

The market is flooded with ample choices and almost all hosting vendors promise top-quality services. This is especially true when it comes to free web hosting service providers.

However, there is little truth in that. Budding Bloggers often experience severe deficiencies in the services that a lot of hosting companies provide.

Read this article to get some insight into the shenanigans that a lot of free hosts engage in.

The reason Bloggers end up with poor hosting? They fail to consider the basics before subscribing to a host.

A lot of times, the complaints come from those who have opted to use free hosting companies, unfortunately. But Bloggers have been speaking out against free hosts of late.

Choosing the Best Hosting Service: Performance Issues

For instance, performance should take priority over other things. You need to ensure that the uptime percentage is no less than 99.99%.

Because anything less than that can mean that your site gets knocked offline for a considerable amount of time every month.

And it won’t matter how much money you’ve given to your website designing agency. Every penny you’ve spent will be in vain if you select a sub-standard hosting company.

The user experience on your site, your traffic, page rank and sales: they will all take a hit.

In fact, some hosting companies even put limits on your traffic! Read this blog post, titled “How Free Web Hosting is Like a School Bully” to find out more.

Choosing the Best Hosting Service: What to Look Out For

Ask your provider to clearly define what they mean by “unlimited space and bandwidth”. This is primarily significant if you plan on opting for shared hosting.

It’s very important to understand how much disk space and bandwidth you actually need. This article explains the web hosting resources you need in detail.

In addition, pricing may not be an issue for some. But if you can get a good host for less, then why pay more?

Most vendors offer a free domain which is an awesome perk unless you are looking for a specific name. Opting for smaller plans and avoiding auto renewals is always a good idea too, especially when you’re starting out.

Last, but not least, customer service should be available 24/7. A live online chat or ‘phone support can fix glitches quickly.

Creating support tickets can be very inconvenient as it can take a long time to get your queries resolved.


When it comes to choosing the best hosting service, there are a good few factors involved.

For one, you need a high-performance host who provides exactly what they promise.

For example, if they promise that your site will be live 99.99% of the time, then do a quick Google search to see if there have been complaints in forums about any excessive downtime.

To recap the above pointers, take a look at the infographic below. And make sure to read those hosting guides I linked you to in this article. Then you surely won’t go wrong. 🙂

best hosting service

Choosing the Best Hosting Service

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Choosing the Best Hosting Service




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