5 Tips for a Successful Blog

Tips for a Successful Blog

Tips for a Successful Blog

Why are some blogs more popular than others? As saturated as the internet is with blogs, it may feel daunting as you try and get your name out there. You may think, “Does my blog stand a chance of being noticed?” If you play your cards right and implement a little bit of strategy, your blog does have a chance at attaining success. Without further ado let’s discuss the tips which you can use for your blog.

1) As simple as this tip is, I think this will make a difference. Get a domain name. Having a domain name will allow you to stand out from among the masses. Having your own domain name will allow you to come across as more professional. Your domain name will be your trademark.

A domain name is less than $10.00 and it is a one-time fee. It is worth standing out, especially if you are looking to have a blog that is worthy of taking you places.

2) There is nothing more confusing about a blog that is unfocused. Take the time to understand what your focus is, and once you figure it out stick to it. It will save you a lot of time if you know what the purpose of your blog is. Creating a blog just to have one is a cute endeavor but as you have a clear purpose, your blog will be more powerful and have more potential to reach and touch people.

Creating a blog all in the name of becoming popular is bad idea. Remember have a logical and clear-cut reason why you want to blog and let that reason be the foundation of everything that you write about.

3) Understand that creating a blog is a process. Realize that your blog is a long-term project. Your blog is like a garden. Gardens need to be tended properly, adding water, fertilizing and even weeding from time to time is necessary. The same idea goes for creating a successful blog. It may take time for you to see an increase in people looking at your blog.

Stay true to yourself and your passions. Do not feel pressure to conform to writing about what you think will get you attention. Good blogs are real, raw, and authentic. Try not to copy other people. Trust me it will be embarrassing if you are called out on it.

4) Do not be discouraged by negative comments. Getting frustrated over the naysayers is not the best use of your time. Realize that not everyone will appreciate your experience and do not take it personal if you receive criticism. You can filter out what’s garbage and perhaps consider some criticism only if you think it can help you improve your writing.

Sometimes writing about very sacred experiences is like casting pearls before swine. You do not need to put EVERYTHING out for the world to see.

5) Last but not least, know that each blog post does not have to be a novel. To be perfectly honest shorter powerful posts are more fun to read than long, drawn out posts. To be honest if your posts are miles long, some people will not even give your posts a chance.

With writing the saying, “Less is more”, has a lot of truth to it. SEO services in the Rancho Cordova area can help your blog attain better chances of surfacing in search engines. Tapping into SEO nowadays is the way to go!


Author Bio: When Ashley Johnson isn’t playing at the beach with her dogs, she is reading blogs and keeping up with all things social media. After getting a degree in Sociology, Ashley knew she was destined to study how companies can beneficially interact with and engage a target population.

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Tips for a Successful Blog

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