6 Ways to Generate Unique Content For Your Blog

Generate Unique Content for your Blog

Generate Unique Content for your Blog

Having a difficult time coming up with unique content for your blog? In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to create unique content. Not only is duplicate content stealing, but it also can hurt your website’s search engine rankings. Both search engines and users LOVE unique content. But sometimes, you sit down to write a blog post and find yourself staring at a blank document an hour later.

Don’t feel bad! Even the most skilled bloggers get writer’s block. Sometimes, you just need a little jumpstart to get your gears turning. Here are 6 ways to generate unique content for your blog:

1. Get Ideas from Other Blogs

Now, we’re not saying to steal a few paragraphs, post it on your website and call it a day. However, if you find yourself stuck and out of ideas, why not look to popular blogs in your industry? Browse through their latest posts — heck, even dig through the archives if you have to! Search until you find something that really grabs your attention.

So now you’ve found a blog post that speaks to you. Great! Use it as inspiration. It’s not stealing or copying if you recreate it in your own words or from a different perspective. Make it your own with some personal experience, stories or even jokes!

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2. Find the Hole

Read through a post that interests you and look for the holes. Is anything missing or vague? Could something have been explained better? That crappy blog is actually an opportunity in disguise! Take it and run with it. If you can create something bigger and better than what’s already out there, your readers will appreciate it.

3. Create a Step By Step Guide

Readers love step by step guides. It’s much easier to read an article that is broken into quick, no-nonsense categories than one that drones on and on with no breaks. Search engines also love these type of articles. If your article is interesting, helpful and easy to read, you’ve hit the jackpot. Search engines will rank your article and users will find it. Success!

While step by step guides are easy to read, they can be a bit dry if you don’t inject some personality and fun! Tell some jokes. Include a fun fact or interactive challenge. Ask a question. Engage your readers and your post will have greater chances of success.

4. Turn To Social Media

Pull out your phone and check or Facebook or Twitter feed. What posts grab your attention? You’d be surprised that a simple sentence, interesting fact or helpful link could be just the spark you need to write a captivating article. Connect with those in your industry who continually post great content and get your mind jogging. They will be great resources for your writing career moving forward.

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5. Combine and Conquer

You don’t have to narrow your focus to one topic. Consider combining two or three relevant trends in your industry to create a unique, comprehensive article. Found more than one blog post that peaks your interest? Choose the best parts of each post and combine them!

6. Stay Up To Date

Subscribe to RSS feeds that deliver the latest news in your industry. Fill your social media feeds with leaders in your field. For example, if you’re an interior designer in the home improvement industry, follow companies such as Houzz, Hunter Douglas Window Fashions and Hooker Furniture. (A great example of a company who does this is Sacksteder’s Interiors out of Cincinnati Ohio). Not only will they give you great content to share with your social audience, but they’ll also give you plenty of writing inspiration. Check your RSS and social media feeds early and often. If you can write about topics that have just started trending, there’s nothing wrong with riding on the coattails of the first movers in your niche.

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7. Play Devil’s Advocate

Choose a controversial stance and run with it. Don’t be afraid of offending your audience (within reason, of course). If you play it too safe, you might never write an article that goes viral.

About The Author: Chelsea Stamper owns an Internet Marketing company and blogs regularly for her clients. She utilizes the above methods to generate user-friendly, unique content for her business clients and their readers.

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Do you have anything to add to this article? How do YOU generate unique content? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks! 🙂


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