How to Grow Your Blog Fast

There are almost 100 Million+ blogs that are up and running currently on the internet.

Everyone starts one and hopes to make it a success, but 80% of these blogs end up having less than 100 visits daily.

Bloggers try to grow their blog for a long time, but after the all the headaches, they end up getting nowhere.

Finally they quit blogging.

Sounds similar? I know.

Maybe you are experiencing this problem  too, being unable to grow your blog. Your blog doesn’t gain new readers, new
customers, or any loyal fans at all. You are stuck in a rut.

Not to worry, though-I will guide you on how to grow your blog the right way.

You’ll learn to grow your blog, enlarge your readership, get more customers and grow your email list too.

So here are some ideas you should apply to your blog and yourself to grow your blog rapidly like never

Increase Your Blog Post Frequency

Blog frequency is the most important part of a blog’s growth. You must have fresh content on your site
every time your reader visits your blog.

You should create a schedule for writing blog posts, and stick to it.

Without having lots of delicious content, it’s impossible to grow a blog.

You cannot get people to visit you when you have nothing to show them.

So first work on your blog post frequency and be consistent with it.

If your blog is new then 1 or 2 posts per day are required for the first few months. Once you do that, your
blog will be grown enough to start getting guest post requests so your workload will be less. Try to write at
least 3 posts per week.

And you’ll start seeing results in one month.

Guest Post on Big Blogs

Guest posting can help you reach a wider audience. You give content to the owner of the big blog, and in
return, they introduce your blog to their audience.

You will get new visitors and if they like you, they will convert into your loyal readers and regular visitors.

Besides that, guest posting will increase your social presence in the blogsphere which will also help you to
grow your blog.

Try to write at least 1 guest post every two days. If you stick with this schedule, then after one month you
will have 15 guest posts. After one year, you will have 180 blogs linking to you.

Guest blogging is really powerful tool for growing your blog and getting more exposure.

Have a GOAL

You must have a goal to reach-working without a goal never gets results.
Before starting anything, set a goal for yourself.

After setting up your goal, set a deadline.

Now try your utmost to reach your goal within the deadline. You might fail in reaching your goal, but you will
absolutely be able to achieve at least 50% of it. It is certainly better than having done nothing.

So get a goal for yourself.

Build a List

You shouldn’t run a blog without building a mailing list.

Add a opt-in at the top right side of your blog. And build a subscribers list.

You must build a list because, with a list, you will stockpile your readers. Even if you get hit by Google Algorithm
changes, then these built-up reader contacts will help you to survive. And they won’t ever get lost, so they are lifetime

Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is also lucrative.

You just need to find blogs related to your niche, and leave comments that add value to those articles.
If the people reading your comment like it, then they will won’t mind visiting your blog posts.

A good tip is to leave lengthy comments because wordy comments attract more attention from readers, so you
have a better chance that more people will visit your blog.

If you just reserve half an hour a day for commenting, then you should be able to write at least 6 comments daily.

Spending 30 minutes per day on blog commenting can be a little challenging for bloggers, so you can hire other bloggers
instead who can provide you with lots of comments on desired blogs at cheap rates.


These are the ways in which you can easily grow your blog and take it to the next level-and earn some money from it!

You just need to be consistent with what you do and have a goal set.

Don’t do anything without establishing your goals first.

I hope these tips will really help you to grow your blog fast.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.