11 Deadly Guest Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Often times, bloggers are given a chance to collaborate with other bloggers and write their posts on their blog. Through this method of guest blogging, a guest can receive the attention of the host blog’s readers.

The readers, if inspired by the guest blogger, can also follow him at his own blog. However, there are a few critical mistakes to avoid which, if made, can cause a lot of trouble for the guest blogger.

Look at the following eleven mistakes and make sure you stay away from them while guest blogging:

1. Targeting The Wrong Blogs

The first thing that you need to do is understand your niche. See the type of content which you post on your host blog and the content at the guest blog. Post only if your content matches with theirs in terms of keywords.

2. Forwarding Your Posts To Blog Managers

If you are targeting a blog that caters to more than twenty posts on a daily basis, then understand that the blog managers are not sitting around to read your guest posts. Target the right people in charge of the blog posts instead.

3. Grammatical Errors

The worst mistake that you can make in your guest blogging process is not paying enough attention to the article structure or grammar. Many bloggers forget to proofread their posts, and therefore, the impact in the end is extremely negative.

4. Repeating Old Topics

Go through the topics of the host blog before you write your blog post. You will instantly lose the interest of the host page if you post something that has already been covered by that blog before. Many will skip your post altogether, so you might as well not write anything.

5. Being Overly Persistent

If you have submitted a blog post according to the guidelines and you have received no response, then move on. There is no point in being too persistent, ruthless or stubborn about it. You will only end up in the blacklist of the bloggers.

6. Wasting The Outcome

You wrote a guest post and it was a hit; you acquired a lot of followers. What next? Do not waste the outcome by not doing anything at all. Take additional steps to improve your followers. Your guest post should be your beginning, not the end.

7. Not Writing For The Audience

Nobody will appreciate you if you go and write negatively about Nikon DSLRs when the host blog is full of Nikon users. Study the audience of the host blog first before you write your post for them.

8. Low-Quality Articles

It does not matter how you write posts on your own blog. When writing for the guest blog, you need to give it your 110%. Their audience will have high expectations from you as a guest blogger, and if you fail to give your best, you will fail to impress the audience.

9. Making Post Uploads Difficult

Read the rules and instructions of the host blog thoroughly first. If the host blog prefers simple document formats, then do not go providing them with unnecessary html coding. If the host blog does not request pictures, do not make it a hassle for them by adding too many pictures or videos.

10. Not Having A Proper Guest Blogging Strategy

Just because everyone else is guest blogging, it does not mean that you also have to jump on the bandwagon. Have a proper strategy first. Figure out what you need to gain from your guest post and how it can benefit you in the long run.

11. Treating the Host Blog As an Advertising Medium

The blog where your post will be published is a home to hundreds, even thousands of followers who look them up for informative materials and updates. Nobody is interested in reading a blog that is 10% information and 90% advertisement. It will tarnish your image and drive away the followers instead of attracting them.


Next time you have to write a guest blog post, make sure to steer clear of the mistakes above. Follow a good checklist of the things you should add in a guest blog post and stick to it.

Keep in mind that you are not writing for yourself. Take all the necessary measures to make sure that you are on the same page as your readers, and you will have an impressive guest blog post in no time.

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