How to Make Money from Blogging – 7 Quick Tips

how to make money from blogging

how to make money from blogging

Your blog is up, the content is flowing, you are getting traffic and all is well in the world. Having dreamed of having your own little slice of cyber space, you are now able to live that fantasy.

But overhead costs still exist, and you would like to start maybe making a bit of cheddar from all your efforts. Now is the time to learn how to make money from blogging.

Unlike many other careers, blogging does not have an “average” salary. Some sites make cents, some make millions, and some make absolutely nothing.

But all blogs with a profit margin have the same thing in common: they have monetized and grown their sites, and have come up with unique ways to begin earning that green.

Here are some ways you can start earning money from your blog:

1. Run Ads

This is the most basic step you can take. Joining services like Google AdSense (though there are many programs out there), or an actual ad network, for those who don’t understand how advertising on websites works, is a quick way to start earning regular cash.

The higher your traffic, the higher the click probability and the more you will earn back.

Google AdSense isn’t the only way to go here. Read this article for five alternatives to Google AdSense.

2. Sell Ad Space

If you have an especially popular blog you can start selling ad space to other people to run their campaigns. This gives you total control over what is being advertised on your site, and can earn you more than a pay per click program like those listed above.

But what’s the best way to go about this? You can get seven tips on selling advertising space here.

3. Open a Shop

Have something you think you can sell? One of the most profitable means of gaining site income is by opening a little shop through your blog and offering a related item you have created.

A good example of this is Flylady, which opened a store with their own brand of cleaning and organization supplies.

4. Write Company Reviews

Like selling ad space, it is important to see what your site is worth, the higher your traffic gets. So writing sponsored reviews is another way to monetize your blog.

Create an “Advertise with me” page and add a sponsored review as an option. Charging less than $50 for a review doesn’t make much sense, but how much you actually charge will depend on the demand: the more advertisers get interested, the more you can raise your fees!

5. Join Affiliate Networks

Finding a good affiliate program can be like hitting the jackpot. You want to make sure who you go through is a company you believe in, and a service you use and so don’t mind promoting.

Make sure you also read the fine print before you sign up for anything, and know exactly what you are getting out of it.

Two of the best affiliate networks out there are CJ Affiliate by Conversant -formerly known as Commission Junction, and Clickbank -who offer an extensive range of digital products for you to promote.

You will find some of the best affiliate programs available by signing up with these two companies to start with.

6. Write a Book or EBook

If your blog is popular, you will have gone a long way toward proving yourself an expert in your field-which means people are going to want your guidance, and a book is a great way of offering it.

7. Begin Speaking At Events

Keep your eye out for events whenever you can. Conferences and expos, university talks, things like that…they can pay very well, plus give you a chance to travel and meet new people.

Connections are important in this business, and it is also just pleasant sometimes to meet others with the same interests as you.

Have some tips on how to make money from blogging? Give them to us in the comments!

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