How to Make Money Blogging? | 6 Ways that ACTUALLY WORK

Every blogger on the planet wants to learn how to make money blogging.

If you landed on this post then you must have a question in your mind that is it really possible to make  money online via blogging from home?

Can you make your own living from your blog and leave that 9-5 day job?

Is it really possible?

The answer is YES.

Making money blogging is REALLY possible.

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

You can certainly learn how to make money blogging by using lots of methods available.

If you invest some money then you can even make some money today.

Today we’ll talk about the quick and easy ways to make money blogging and replace your 9-5 job with blogging.

You cannot make money from your blog RIGHT NOW without doing any investments. But surely, 4-5 months after starting a blog you can monetize it effectively.

Here are the ways to make money blogging:

Adsense or any Alternative PPC Program(Quick Way)

Adsense is the most traditional way to make money online from your blog. Adsense is a pay per click program. You get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad placed on your site. If you get good number of visitors from US and UK, then it can generate thousands of dollars of revenue *every* month to you.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? You have to follow their policies strictly before your apply for adsense. Your website must have original and quality content. If you are from India, then your content (domain) must be 6 months old in age before you apply for it.

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Once you got Adsense approved, the second thing is the placement. You’ve to be smart in placing ads. If you place too many ads in a unnoticed area of your site, then you won’t earn a single penny. The best place to place ads are these three areas:

  • Near the header
  • Above the post
  • Contextual ad units inside content

If you’ll place ads in any of these three areas, or in all of them, adsense will work great for you. So what are you waiting for, go and apply for adsense if your site matches the policies.

Sell Ad Spaces (Quick Method)

It may take about 3-4 months to earn money blogging via this method. Well it depends on your blog and your smart work. If you have a 2 months old blog and getting 1k-2k daily visits, then there are hell lots of advertisers on this planet ready to give your blog their ad.

Don’t sell ad spaces before you start getting about 2k visits daily. Once you hit that milestone, publish an ‘Advertise here’ page on your blog.

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Try to make prices of the ad spaces cheap to attract more and more advertisers. If you don’t want to handle the configuration stuff on your site for advertisement, then is best solution for you. They’ll bring you customers and also handle the whole configuration stuff once you place their code on your site for a little share for every sale.

Sell Services to Make Money (Very Quick and Easy Method)

This is the most popular way to earn money blogging. Because via selling services, you’ll get money for doing what you’re a master at and what you love to do.

Image Credit: Stuart Miles of

It is great, isn’t it?You’ve to remember one thing that once you started selling services, you must know to satisfy them and keep them coming back. Don’t over-accept projects which you can’t complete on time.

Also another thing is that you should sell services which you’re actually a *master* at. Knowing little bit of CSS and HTML doesn’t make you a good enough web designer to make websites.

You can earn money for designing logos, writing content, doing link building, guest posting, or whatever you like to do.

For getting more and more clients, create a ‘Hire me’ page on your blog. Tell about your services in brief and why they should choose you instead of anyone else. Place one or two testimonials and TADA! You’re ideal ‘Hire me’ page is created.

You’ll soon start getting customers and money in your bank account.

Sell Digital Stuff to Make Money Blogging(Quick, but required good reputation)

You can sell digital stuff like eBook, plugins, or any other similar stuff.

It takes about 15 days to write a good eBook with lots of quality information which people will consider and love reading.

But it needs online reputation. Before you create eBook for your blog, you must have good reputation and a good fan-base and subscribers to your name.

Having a fan-base will make this process easier. You can do this even when you have ZERO reputation. The eBook itself will make your famous if its REALLY great.

You’ve shared lots of information in your eBook, so a little fee won’t be anything wrong. Set a price of $10-$40 depending on your eBook. You can promote the book through your blog too.

If you are good at coding stuff. Then why don’t you develop your own premium plugin for wordpress? If it got success then the single plugin can generate a six-figure income for you. A great example of this is Copyblogger Media. They created the Genesis theme framework for wordpress and it got huge success. Another example is Chris, who made theThesis theme.

This type of work would require excellent skills and time. But the rewards (money+fame) are incredible!

Affiliate Marketing (A Bit Time Consuming)

Affiliate Marketing is really great way to generate income from your blogs. You have to promote products of others and if you make a sale, you get a commission. Funny thing is that sometimes you get more money than the author for selling the product. 😉

For getting good results in affiliate marketing, you must have good number of visitors to your site. Place the affiliate link with a banner or a box or something with attractive text.

Keep one thing in mind that, when promoting products, buy them and check them first. Are they good enough? Are they legit or scam? And only then promote them. Because if you want to build long-term trust with your visitor, then being honest is a must.

You can get started in affiliate marketing with ClickBank.You can find good products from clickbank marketplace and also manage them from one place. There also many alternatives available over there, but I love ClickBank. That’s why I’m recommending it to you too.

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Also, if you have mailing list, then promote affiliate offers to them. This is the best way to do affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a mailing list yet, then create one. Offer the audience some short report or any freebie in return for their email.

If you can invest a little money, then you can buy solo ads in others mailing lists too. You can find A-Grade solo ads sellers right here.

This is also called email marketing. You can earn huge money blogging via affiliate marketing. There are many persons who became millionaires through affiliate marketing.

Remember that ‘Trust‘ is the key to success in affiliate marketing.

Flip It (A Bit Time Consuming)

Flipping simply means selling your blog to someone else for money. If you blog is active enough and getting good traffic, then you can generate four figures from it.

It may be hard for you to sell your blog at first time, but once you continue doing this, it will become your business.

Don’t sell your main blog, but create another blog. Write some fluff with enough searches. Do a bit of keyword research and write posts consistently.

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After that, do link building to get a good page rank and traffic and get ranked better in the search engines. Now wait for the next PR update of google. Once you get a PR 2 or more, put your blog up for sale.

Try to get your blog generating some revenue before you sell it. Revenue is the main thing to get a good price for a blog. For generating revenue from your blog, use the same methods mentioned above. 😉

Flippa is the best site to put your blog on for sale and to get buyers.

What are your views?

I want to know what you say about these ways to make money blogging.

Are you making money from your blogs? Are you using any of above methods?

Also tell me any other ways that you can generate money from your blog.

I hope you liked these tips on how to make money blogging.


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