3 Best CDN Services

Do you want a fast blog/site?

Then you must use a cheap CDN service that’s good.

I will tell you what a CDN is and show best CDN services you can trust for speeding up your site. Some of them will be free and some will be premium.

If you want to be more speedy and safe, go for premium CDN as they are the best.

What is a CDN?

CDN means Content Delivery Network. Using a CDN is the best way to speed up your website and make it load within seconds.

CDN is a network which creates static content of your blog including everything like Scripts, Images, CSS, Videos, etc. and makes it load faster. CDN stores the content on dedicated servers all over the world. When someone comes on your site, the content loads from the nearest server.

When there are multiple visitors live on your website, CDN loads the static content from different servers to decrease the load on particular server and make your site amazingly fast!

July 2014 Update:




I just couldn’t let you continue reading this article until I introduced you to a relatively new host, called “HostAwesome”. I know most of you reading this article already have your hosting set up. However, if you haven’t chosen your host yet, or you’re frustrated with your current host because of slow site-loading speed, then I suggest you take a good look at HostAwesome.

The big news here is that all HostAwesome’s paid hosting plans are integrated with a FREE CDN! Their pricing is very reasonable to begin with, so Bloggers who set up their hosting with them are getting a HUGE advantage over their competitors-faster sites mean higher rankings.

In addition to that, all accounts at HostAwesome are on what’s called their “Litespeed” servers and they use Cloudlinux Technology. To top it all off, HostAwesome just changed over to a Pure SSD caching mechanism in June 2014 (just last month at the time of this update). This has served to heighten their performance further still.

So you can click here to view HostAwesome’s various plans OR read more about HostAwesome’s integrated CDNs here.

Best CDN Services

I’m going to share the best cdn services that you can use to speed up your site.

And yeah, the best part is that this service is that it’s extremely CHEAP.

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Without taking your much time, let me introduce the the best CDN services to you.

There are lots of providers of this service but I will show you the best 3 which are giving great service and support.

1. MaxCDN

MaxCDN is the most trusted CDN service and used by thousands on sites. Their rates are cheap and service is excellent too.

MaxCDN costs $39.99 for 1TB traffic per year which is quite cheap. Approx. the 1TB will end in 1 year if you website gets 5000-6000 daily visits.

If you want to upload files on your server with size more than 10MB then you’ve to pay extra fee of $9.95 for 10GB. After the first year of 1TB the price will increase to $99 which is affordable comparing to the others. Click here for MaxCDN offers.

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If you’re not satisfied with their service then they also provide a rock-solid 30 days cash-back guarantee. If you visitor is from Asia then the performance will be a bit low, but don’t worry they are working to build servers in Asia. So it will be fixed soon.

MaxCDN is the most recommended and reliable CDN service.

*****December 2014 Update*****

MaxCDN now costs $9.00 for 1TB of traffic per month, which is still quite cheap. They no longer charge on a yearly basis.

The 1TB allocation renews every month for your website, so if you get 5000-6000 daily visits, you will be in good shape.

On one hand, the monthly charges are higher in total than the previous $39.99 yearly fee, but on the other hand, there are no longer any extra fees.

Thus, the extra $9.95 to upload files that are bigger than 10MB to your server no longer apply.

If you need to upload files of this size or greater on a regular basis, you’ll even end up saving in the long run.

2. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is one of the tops in the industry and powered by a powerful brand Amazon. Biggest benefit of Amazon CloudFront is that you have to pay for what you use. No monthly limits or fees or anything.

It means you can run your website on blazing fast speed for less than 2 or 3 dollars per month. That’s amazing huh?!

They charge about $300 for a 1TB bandwidth. This will suit you if you get less than 1500 visits. So this is a pay to use system, so you’d not pay more than what you use.

I recommend this service for small business owners and small companies/blogs. If you have high traffic, then choose MaxCDN obviously.

3. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is not just a CDN, but it is a security assistant for your website too. It will supercharge your website and make it load faster and also provide top notch security to prevent it from hackers and spammers.

You can checkout amazing features of CloudFlare from here. They have a free plan also. You can startup with the free plan and if you like it, later upgrade it with premium one. They are a bit expensive while comparing to others. But they services is kick-ass.

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They provide 24/7 support for all plans. They provide security services and also analysis of your website too. If you choose a premium plan then you’ll get SSL encryption service too for better security.

What’s your take?

I’ve shared the three best CDN services which you can use to try to take your website to next level. Also do share in social media via clicking the buttons below.

If you used any of the above then please consider sharing your experience with them in comments to help others choose the best CDN.

Hope you found the list of 3 Best CDN services helpful.


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