Why Premium Web Hosting is the Secret Ingredient

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Why Premium Web Hosting is the Secret Ingredient

Why Premium Web Hosting is the Secret Ingredient

Hello and welcome to the FINAL issue in my five-part hosting article series! I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this journey and that the content has benefited you all and your business websites.

If you’re just joining us now and would like to read the whole series from the beginning, then click here to go to the first hosting article. The first two papers address free hosting issues, and the third report discusses the different types of hosting available and the amount of resources you need.

However, if you’re somewhat knowledgeable about these topics already, but you’re just interested in a web host to get started with your blogging endeavors, then click here to go to article number four.

In this segment, I will be going over the best hosting companies for intermediate to advanced Bloggers. Basically, if your business is growing substantially and/or the traffic to your sites has dramatically increased, then you’re at the stage where you need to start thinking about increasing your hosting resources to make sure your readers’ experience isn’t hampered in any way.

So let’s continue the discussion and move on to this final chapter:

Recommended Hosting Companies for Intermediate Bloggers




This relatively new hosting company is a very viable option for serious Bloggers who want to optimize their sites to the max-but without the relatively higher costs associated with WP Engine (see “Recommended Hosting Companies for Advanced Bloggers”).

To begin with, HostAwesome uses Cloudlinux Technology, which provides a server that’s very much like a VPS. This alone means that if one account owner’s site causes a serious glitch, it can’t impact your website’s performance adversely.

Not only that, but their major competitive advantage is that all HostAwesome’s paid plans come with integrated CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), so their sites will load much faster than if they were with other shared hosting providers.

This really appeals to me, because the vast majority of hosting companies don’t include a CDN with their plans. The only ones that come to mind are managed WordPress hosts with plans starting at around $30 a month. With the CDN alone, pages will load much faster for people in different areas of the world.

On top of that, all accounts are on HostAwesome’s “LiteSpeed” servers, which dramatically increase performance further still. More and more paid hosting providers are starting to switch over to LiteSpeed servers due to their enhanced performance. However, these are more like the niche providers, and not the big, well-known hosts like GoDaddy and Hostgator, etc.

Furthermore, according to the Founder, Dave Zhang, HostAwesome just switched over to Pure SSD (Solid State Drive-a caching mechanism introduced in 2011 by Intel and also called “Smart Response Technology”) in June of this year for all accounts. They already had SSD caching in place to speed up performance as it was, but using Pure SSD NOW will better it even more.

Don’t be surprised if you see Right Blog Tips switching over to HostAwesome in the very near future. If or when this happens, you’ll see “Powered by HostAwesome” in the footer and then you can send me a comment to let me know how fast this site loaded! 🙂

***2015 Update***

Late last year, I actually decided to go ahead and switch the hosting for Right Blog Tips over to HostAwesome.

This decision was made right after doing a routine site speed test-and boy, did that test give me a shock! Read my HostAwesome case study to see how everything panned out.


Hyper-V Virtual Servers

MyHosting.com rivals the competition with their Cloud VPS solutions, while other companies are usually more active in the shared hosting arena-which would be most of the hosting companies mentioned in this article.

They offer great flexibility on their VPS plans with many features and add-on services. For example, they have a great tool, called “Build your own VPS”. It basically allows you create the plan you want from scratch and no other hosting company offers such VPS flexibility-not even close.

If you’re in the market for a VPS at this stage of your blogging journey, then give their builder a try out. I was on it the other day and got a quote of $16.33 for my ideal VPS. Now that’s a deal that’s still lingering on my mind!

Their servers are located in Canada & the US and their customers can pick the location depending on their needs. So if you’re at the stage where you’re considering upgrading to VPS hosting, visit MyHosting’s site by clicking here.


Recommended Hosting Companies for Advanced Bloggers

Media Temple

Media Temple Hosting

Acquired by GoDaddy in October 2013, Media Temple continues to operate independently as a premium hosting company. Their competitive advantage is their shared hosting product, called “The Grid”, which starts at $20 per month. This is more expensive than other standard shared hosting packages, but they firmly believe that when it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for.

The Grid’s bandwidth scales with your traffic, so even if you’re featured on the front page of Reddit, and suddenly get 100,000 visitors, your site won’t go down. Multiple servers handle every site, so the Grid has redundancy built in. It’s almost like a public cloud.

On the Grid plan, you can host up to 100 websites for $20 per month, which is ideal for professional bloggers who run multiple sites. In addition, you get 1TB of monthly bandwidth, 100 GB of storage, 24/7 live support, and they also offer SSD database storage. They usually run promotions, especially in the summer, and other year-round discounts on their VPS hosting plans.

I still prefer HostAwesome overall for speed because of their added performance features. However, if you’re running more than 5 sites, you might get a better deal with Media Temple.

WP Engine


WP Engine is considered to be a “top shelf” hosting provider in the blogosphere and the name of the game with this hosting company is SPEED and SECURITY.

With incredible speed of up to 16 seconds faster than leading providers, slowness and unreliability issues disappear when users switch to WP Engine.

WP Engine’s competitive advantage is their unique, corrective system called “EverCache”, which is one of the most innovative, expansible WordPress frameworks on the planet. This technological marvel can move hundreds of millions of daily traffic hits through their system with ease, taking even the greatest surges of traffic in its stride.

There’s simply no way you can get the same level of results yourself. Combining the above with their stable, secure environment, outstanding uptime, and a support team that goes above and beyond the call of duty, every client can rest assured that their business is in good hands.

Be that as it may, they are quite a pricey option for hosting. However, professional bloggers know that with every 100 milliseconds that go by while a page is loading, Google loses an additional 20% of its traffic. Google wants control of that traffic, and that’s why your page-load time is incorporated into your site’s search rankings results. The fastest sites win the Google-ranking prize!

Newbie Bloggers, or even those with a decent amount of experience, will probably not need hosting this sophisticated. Nevertheless, professional business websites that value the best in security and page-load speed should seriously consider using WP Engine.

*****Important Update to WP Engine’s Service and Reliability*****

I’ve heard a lot of negative reports about WPEngine’e hosting services and support team recently. There was a change at the COO level at WP Engine not too long ago and it appears that performance and customer support has seriously deteriorated ever since (although that may just be a coincidence).

When you read about Matthew Woodward’s nightmare with WPEngine, you may decide to stay well clear of them as your host. So much for paying premium prices to get premium services in this case!

Conclusion to Part 5

In this final, fifth article in my hosting series, I covered complex topics, such as the integrated CDNs that you get with all HostAwesome’s paid hosting plans. We also took a look at their Cloudlinux technology and their Litespeed servers, as well as their Pure SSD caching mechanisms.

I then featured MyHosting.com’s Cloud VPS solutions, in particular their unique “Build Your Own VPS” tool, followed by a detailed review of Media Temple’s “Grid” hosting product. I then finished with an analysis of WP Engine’s spectacular “EverCache” system.

If these terms and technologies were completely foreign to you before, I hope you’ve gained a better understanding of them by reading this article.

I really hope that you can now take what you’ve read throughout this five article series, apply it to your particular situation and sign up with the prefect host for you and your business!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these guides as much as I have enjoyed writing them for you. 🙂

Over to You

Has this article series helped you out at all with choosing where to host your site?

Do you have any experiences to share that might benefit other readers of this article?

Did I miss anything that you feel needs to be added to this post?

Let me know in the comments section below and be careful out there with your sites. Good luck and All the Best. 🙂


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Why Premium Web Hosting is the Secret Ingredient

Why Premium Web Hosting is the Secret Ingredient







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