7 LinkedIn Marketing Techniques That Will Help You Grow Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Techniques

Nowadays for business growth, social media marketing is as important as oxygen for a human being. Everything has now turned towards social media and right now, who doesn’t use it?

Who isn’t familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? But wait! What about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is indeed a nerdy social networking site in the fashionable tree of social media. But once you know how it works, then it is going to be a very powerful tool for your marketing purposes.

Keeping that in mind, you’ll get to know that LinkedIn is not just a tool that is used for professional and job searches. As of today, we are going to discuss the best LinkedIn Marketing Techniques that will help you to take your business to a fast level and gain victorious outcomes.

1. Find Targeted Customers (High-Profile Ones) With LinkedIn

Do you know that in terms of digital marketing, LinkedIn is the dominator? Yes, it will offer you various tools that could help you to set your target and start rolling. Now it depends on your choice; whether you want to work with the small or big organizations and businesses. LinkedIn will help you to find out all the professional business people to whom you can target.

LinkedIn gives us the best chance to target a specific category of people with the title of CEO or CFO level. So, embarking the target line of LinkedIn, a best chance to find people who could take an interest in what you’re selling. For example, if you’re offering a content management tool with the best specs to help the big organizations with automation and long-term working, then targeting the bosses is the best chance to take on LinkedIn.

Then it is about connecting to them and building relationships to grow your communication skills as well and listen to what they suggest and implementing all that to offer the best of your products and services. What else would you need if such things can help you with your marketing strategy just through LinkedIn?

2. LinkedIn Helps With Email Marketing List Growth; Take Advantage!

Whether you’re selling something or offering any services etc, online email marketing plays a vital role to help you with the growth of your sales. How?

If you have an email list comprising of thousands of all those customers who are loyal to your services and will love to hear about new offerings, then don’t you think they’ll keep coming back to you and won’t leave you? Exactly! If you don’t go for email marketing, then your business will surely suffer and that is why every marketer should not miss going for email marketing strategy. The good news is that LinkedIn marketing techniques makes it easier for you if you don’t have an email marketing strategy right now.

First, create a highly crafted and professional message to thank all those people who have connected to you and then ask them if they would love to join your email newsletter. Plus, don’t forget to personalize each message as it would show how concerned you’re to connect with each of the individuals.

Mention about your job prospects and achievements in the message. LinkedIn allows you to send approximately 50 messages per day. So, don’t forget to take full advantage of each message.

Then, ask yourself, what you would get if you apply for a newsletter; a free e-book, a service which is not opened to everyone or any access to the restricted content, etc. Give a good reason for the subscription and people won’t hesitate to give your thing a try. Now as it depends on how many followers you have on LinkedIn; you’ll be able to generate approximately 500 subscribers in the next 2 hours.

3. LinkedIn Marketing: Publish High-Quality Content and Make It Viral

You must have heard that ‘content is the king’. No doubt about that! Producing and publishing high-quality content shall be your priority to boost up the interest of your customers.

It will be a great idea to write something which could help others to solve their problems and get them better with their abilities and work. So, it will surely make someone read it again and again, and also share with other people if they love what you’re trying to teach them.

If you own a product, create and publish something that could help others to get the most benefit from your product. This will help them to understand better what you’re offering.

Secondly, after making a successful post, posting it on LinkedIn directly will help you a lot to gain more attention and increase your followers. And with all that, it will grow your business. Once your posted content will gain some attention on LinkedIn, then there LinkedIn will turn on its spotlight towards your published content to help others to make the most of your post.

3.1 Discover Industry Relevant content for Audience Engagement

One thing is for sure, you must never run out of fresh ideas for your LinkedIn audience. Coming up with new content is not easy. Luckily there are tools available that help you discover trending content which is highly relevant to your industry.

Buzzsumo is a popular name in this regard. It helps you find high performing content w.r.t keywords. But the problem with Buzzsumo is that is not a complete content marketing tool. A powerful Buzzsumo alternative is ContentStudio.

ContentStudio is a wholesome social media management solution that allows individuals, agencies and large corporations to effectively share trending content which resonates with their audience.

content marketing - ContentStudio

You can monitor content by keywords, topic sources of your interest and curate content that resonates with your audience. It scans millions of sources and fetched content that matched perfectly with your query. This is further categorized w.r.t engagement so you know that you are getting the right content for your channel.

This content distribution strategy will help you strengthen lead generation which ultimately affects your revenue stream. 

Explore its many features such as content composer, publisher, automation, insights, analytics and influencer section to dominate b2b content marketing not only on LinkedIn but across all social media channels.

4. Join and Be Active In the Groups

One of the top LinkedIn marketing techniques is joining other groups. This is the far most brilliant technique to engage with the targeted audience and to listen to their requirements.

When you’ll keep an eye on what people require related to your product, you’ll figure out more ways to refine your product and get connected to your customers more deeply. This process will even help you to make and keep things better at your side to keep your customers happy.

Plus, you will be able to message those people even to whom you’re not even connected yet. But for that, prove yourself as an expert to that group. Then, the authority is all yours.

5. Bring Your Employees to the Front

Get as many of your employees as possible to make their profile on LinkedIn and complete it. Ask your employees to publish photos and appropriate content regarding your business including a description of ‘how they help you in businesses and so on. Plus, if they will make connections to the targeted people as well then that will be a great plus point for your business marketing strategy.

6. Make Your Company Profile Page

One of the most effective techniques to do successful marketing on LinkedIn is to create a page of your business and make it active. It should be appropriate with the colors and information that should genuinely match what you have provided on your website, other social pages, etc. Also, try to post stuff every day and keep the page active so that the people should get to know that it is active.

Remember, regular activity is important and also we are aware of the pages which aren’t even updated and we feel like its no more of a good thing or useful to us. The same thoughts can come to other minds when they’ll visit our page and see no activity. So, if you won’t keep it updated, things may get worse for you one way or another.

7. Get Close To Your Customers

As we discussed in the first technique to target high-profile customers, it is important to build relationships with them and communicate with them frequently. Take suggestions, listen to them, and decide what is best for you will help your business growth to go one step ahead.

Whether they’re your customers or the other business owners in the field, keeping in touch with them should be your top priority to listen to their feedback about your business and make better decisions. This will boost up your marketing strategy and your reputation will rise high in the market. LinkedIn is termed as best for making connections and then turning them into good relationships.


All of these techniques are on the top to make the most of LinkedIn. If you will apply these and make a good marketing strategy, then you’re no way going to face any trouble to become victorious this year in your business. So now you’re aware of the LinkedIn’s hidden or unnoticed power, decide yourself if you’re going to apply multiple of these techniques or perhaps all of them. Good luck!

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