7 Most Helpful Content Curation Tools Online

Content Curation Tools

Content Curation Tools

Coming up with interesting and fresh content every day is a challenging task for even the most skilled copywriters; it is not a piece of cake and clearly not for everyone. There comes a time when you start to wonder how exactly to go about coming up with quality content?

Of course, Google is a big help and the answer for almost every problem, but can you always count on it? What if it fails when you look for content? This is where content curation tools come to your rescue and to widen your scope.

Take a quick look at the following content curation tools that can be of great help to you:

1. Feedly

This is an excellent tool since it helps you curate blog content that gives you great ideas for future posts.

It does not show images, but even the lack of visuals cannot decrease the importance of Feedly.

2. Quora

This is an extremely enjoyable content curation tool. After your account is setup, you can find excellent content to store away after searching your keywords.

You are even notified about your articles that are related to your field so that you can get interesting ideas and more articles in your inbox.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent social network, but an even better content curation tool. You can get great content ideas through the pop culture icons and even follow people in your industry.

These wonderful ideas can be saved in your account, and then you can work with them later to curate mind blowing content for both you and your clients.

4. ***Spundge 2017 Update: Spundge is no longer active

This tool used to help you find great content and set up keywords that are relevant to you, just like with Pinterest. It was a very important curation tool since it tailored your results to meet your needs.

In order to help people to find your content and receive help, Spundge also would send out your curated content in RSS form.

Since this tool is no longer active, I’d like to recommend an alternative source that includes detailed descriptions, star ratings and screenshots to help you with your writing. Click here to access Freelance Effect’s 50 writing tools guide.

5. Post Planner

You can now share your curated content on Facebook with the help of post planner. You can easily get viral content by simply spending ten minutes on the program.

It even helps you boost your Facebook engagement by deciding what times, dates and content pieces will work best for you, helping you reach maximum outreach with your blogs and content.

Post Planner works is as efficient and helpful for you as a human being!

6. Bundlr

Whatever you find on the internet, this tool helps you to bundle it up and easily manage your groups. You can even clip articles or posts that you search on the internet.

Once you have created the bundle, you can also curate it and publish it for others to find great content. If you feel inclined enough, then you can share it on the social media or even add it to your website.

7. Scoop.It

5 Secret Content Curation Tools

5 Secret Content Curation Tools

This is an incredible tool because you are not only curating the content yourself, but you also get an opportunity to make good connections with other content curators.

This helps you share your information with others to help them curate their own individual content too; not to forget, it increases your online visibility.


Content curation is extremely important for any content campaign because it helps you get wonderful content pieces that you can share with your audience and it also helps you get new topic ideas. Use it in a way that will inspire you and help you create your own unique masterpiece for your clients.

These tools are great and extremely easy to use and are gaining popularity with each passing day. The above-mentioned tools will make you feel extremely inspired, taking your content creation to the next level. 🙂

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Eileen Burton is a small town girl with an endless passion in blogging, social media marketing and everything tech. She works as a digital media manager, offering assignment help by assignment valley. She also loves to read a lot especially the novels of her favorite author Dan Brown.

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Content Curation Tools

Content Curation Tools







5 Secret Content Curation Tools

5 Secret Content Curation Tools






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