How to Craft 10x Content That Earns You Backlinks Naturally

10x Content

Content is king and 10x content – content that is 10 times better than the best result in the search engine results – is what you need to produce to stand out from the crowd.

It is a term that all digital marketers learn because it is this type of material that makes a site grow and boost its sales.

But what can you do if there is too much content, where most of it is poorly-written and irrelevant?

To pique your reader’s attention, you need to make your content emerge from the current barrage of content marketing.

Easier said than done, but 10x content can help you with this.

You need to increase your knowledge about how to make your work recognizable and how to improve your link building strategy.

Link Proof your 10x Content Idea First

As a company, the first step in content creation is to prove the linkability, or the ability of the content to get links, before we ask clients and partners to invest in it.

We are building credibility and the potential of the content to generate links outside. Through link proofing, we can anticipate the links that the 10x content may target.

You may want to consider these questions when proving that your content is worth the investment:

  • Does your idea have the same concept with pre-existing content?
  • Is there anyone linked on your content that is related to your content?
  • Are the links that are attached to the content of high-quality?
  • Is it possible to gather the links to your content?

Step 1: 10x Content Ideas That Will Matter to Your Niche

There are several ways to find ideas that will convert to links.

You need to do your content marketing strategy correctly to draw the attention of your target audience for your product or service.

You are also satisfying your visitors and turning many of them into your subscribers or paying clients and customers.

The starting point to generate links for your content is knowing the keywords that are significant to your business. If you would like to know more about this skill, you can learn tips and inspiration here.

Here are also some tools that can turn those keywords into a well-planned strategy:

  • Answer the Public, a consumer insight tool that makes a search cloud that contains suggested searches from Bing and Google. It helps you visualize what your audiences search for in their search engines.
  • SEMRush Topic Research, a tool that helps generate cards of related subtopics according to the topic you’ve entered.
  • BuzzSumo, a tool that helps your business work smarter to ensure you are giving top content to your audience. It can give you a trend report on social media, find your Influencers, evaluate your current topics, and analyze data and trends.
  • AHREFs Content Explorer, a tool that will let you enter a keyword or a website and will give you a list of popular articles based on their “performance metrics.”
  • ContentStudio, a tool that can get you all kinds of content about your topic, and discover new and relevant content for any topic in any industry.
  • Google Search Console, a web-service tool by Google that can give you information about your website and who visits it, as well as demographics about the people who visit your site, etc.

Step 2: Optimize Just Like Your Landing Page

According to research by Nielsen Norman Group, visitors only read around an average of 20% of the full post on a web page.

If this is still evident today, you need to assure that important points from your content stand out.

Six components (that make up the “LIFT” model) to ensure quality landing page and design for producing compelling and great 10x content are:

  1. Value Proposition – You need to make your content convert to links when defining a problem and make sure to provide realistic action steps in solving it.
  2. Urgency – You should understand what your customers want and what would they do with it.
  3. Relevance – Your content should be relatable to your customers, instead of failing your customers’ expectations.
  4. Clarity – Ensure that your clarity in writing is exemplary: you don’t want to hinder communication in your content.
  5. Anxiety – You can use this to increase conversions, where your customers may want to purchase your products. Make sure not to use it negatively, or you will scare off your potential consumers.
  6. Eliminate Distractions – Providing too many options may distract your consumers, so make sure that your content is straightforward and that will translate to higher conversion rates.

Step 3: Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Having a compelling and fascinating headline is the building block of a great 10x content marketing strategy. Partner it with great content: it will be noticeable among a big pool of related content.

According to a renowned direct response copywriter, Ted Nicholas, 73% of purchasing decisions of customers are relying on the headline.

That means that the headline is THE defining factor if they will buy your product or not.

Also, headlines are defining your performance to get your readers’ attention.

What’s more, only 20% of people read past the headline where they read the whole content. The other 80% read the headline, and that’s it.

You need to spend enough time and effort to improve your headlines so that you can increase your content page views, conversion rates, and social media shares.

Step 4: Always Write As You Talk

Your writing should be as if you are having a conversation with your visitor. This can make your 10x content marketing efforts easy to read, while building a relationship with your consumers.

Imagine talking with your friend where you’re free to express anything and give him or her a chance to respond. This style of writing can increase your engagement, as well as your sales.

If you are not aware of how you sound in a conversation, you can record yourself talking about your business and pretend you are explaining it to a friend.

Know always that content marketing that is successful appeals to emotions and feelings. It heightens your content’s value, and your visitors will relate to your message.

Step 5: Add a CTA Whenever it’s Necessary

Webpage content without a Call-to-Action or CTA is only half-cooked. If you want to have better results, you should include a CTA when the emotion of the content is high.

A call-to-action is an invitation for people to do a specific action.

Examples of this are asking your readers to read and learn more, subscribe to your mailing list, watch a list of videos, or any action that will help them grasp your content better.

Not only that, but you should also test and know the best placement of your call-to-action in your content.

Step 6: Review Your Readability Flow

Your 10x content’s readability is necessary for layout and presentation purposes, and is as important as having great content and writing style to begin with.

Your writing should be interesting and fascinating. For it to drive leads to your business, it should contain these three aspects:

  1. Good Writing
  2. Good Design
  3. Good Idea

You also need to be mindful of the header hierarchy when formatting your content. Make sure to make your headings the right size.

Otherwise, there will be a sense of mismatch or doubt in people who read your content.


Now that you know what you can improve on, it will be much easier for you to get links. Just remember to create straightforward and on-brand 10x content, presented creatively.

Effectively following these steps will guarantee a better and smarter link-building strategy.


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