How to Choose the Right Keywords to Triple Your Online Sales

How to Choose the Right Keywords

How to Choose the Right Keywords

SEO is one of the best online marketing tactics today for entrepreneurs in E-Commerce. It is an effective way to attract qualified traffic that is already looking for the products you’re offering.

It is economically beneficial compared, for example, with campaigns in AdWords or Facebook Ads.

And if you have different product categories, you have more possibilities to position yourself for more keywords related to your industry or niche.

And of course, keywords are essential to have in a good SEO strategy, although many E-Commerce businesses today want to tell you the opposite…

Let’s be clear…

Are the keywords important? Of course, they are somewhat fundamental. It is a fact that every search always begins with a keyword. In fact, today on Google, over 5000 million searches are made daily.

Moreover, even if don鈥檛 already realize that… Google is a business that is based on the sale of keywords through search advertising.

And they are not doing too bad with that!

They have a turnover of more than 40 billion dollars annually from the sale of keywords…

Really? Are you still questioning whether keywords are important?

Well, you can always send an email to Google and ask them… 馃檪

Now that we鈥檙e clear that keywords do matter when it comes to a good SEO strategy, today the online rebels will teach you how to choose the right keywords to rank your online store.

Let’s see, in detail-step by step-how to find your best keyword choices. Here we go!

The Stepping Stones to Choose the Right Keywords for your Online Store

Step 1: Start by shifting your paradigm

It is a fact that not all keywords are worthwhile.

You do not want to work with very competitive keywords, on an SEO level, that make it impossible for you to position your site at the top of the search engines, right?

Surely you are not interested in keywords that do not bring you traffic? Because if you do not generate traffic… Who can you sell your products to?

What you want is to generate qualified traffic that brings you sales, right?

The Solution?

Change your paradigm: not all keywords are equally worthy of ranking in Google.

You want keywords that are easy to position in the short or medium term. According to your final target audience, they need to have a good number of searches and they must be a potential sale.

Step 2: Do not Limit Yourself like 99% of Entrepreneurs in E-Commerce

Today, we have at our disposal so many online marketing tools-and every month there are new tools, applications, platforms and software to help us make online marketing more automatic and more accurate.

Why Limit Yourself?

The same goes for when you analyze keywords. You have many tools to do your analysis. Do not just use one tool and finish your research quickly-don鈥檛 be lazy. If you do so, you are not going to do very well with your campaign.

Here are some valid tools that you can use to do a thorough pre-keyword analysis to help you in your research.

路聽聽聽 脺bersuggest

路聽聽聽 Market Samurai

路聽聽聽 Raven

路聽聽聽 Google Trends

路聽聽聽 AdWords Keyword Planner

Step 3: Get into the Head of your Ideal Client

Let’s do a quick exercise to understand this third step.

Imagine you are looking for information about the movie 鈥淟ife of Pi鈥 in the search box of Google, but you do not remember the name of the movie.

But you do know that in the film, there is a tiger that is on a boat. Now go to Google and type in the search: “movie about a tiger on a boat”

What did you get? 馃檪

Herein lies the essence of the concept. If you are able to get into the head of your ideal client, you will be able to find opportunities for organic positioning of your online store.

Google as a search engine is increasingly sophisticated.

It is important to understand at all times what the user is looking for and all of the related questions that may be posed in the search engine with similar concepts, as we have now seen in this case study.

Google鈥檚 priority is a good experience for its users. Because the more that users are happy with the search results that are given, the more they鈥檒l be doing organic searches in Google.

And with more Google searches, more advertisers pay for ads, more money…Well, you know the rest of the story.

Do not only get obsessed with specific keywords.

Instead, get into the head of your ideal client and look for concepts related to your industry and/or niche that you are exploring.

Albert Palacci has a passion for digital marketing and being instrumental in the growth of small businesses. He writes for several websites and online magazines. You can connect with him on Google+ or look up his profile on Academia or SlideShare.

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How to Choose the Right Keywords

How to Choose the Right Keywords








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