36 WordPress Design Plugins to Make Your Site More Visually Attractive

wordpress design plugins

Finally created a WordPress account where you can share your passion and expertise? You just made two good decisions already: starting your own blog and choosing WordPress.

As you’ve probably discovered by now, WordPress is neat, isn’t it? It makes web designing and web development easier for those of us who aren’t skilled in designing and coding.

You may have easily gotten away with doing these two but you can’t avoid learning to do your own search engine optimization.

You created your website to share your factual and useful information and help more people, didn’t you?

How will they find you if your site and content isn’t optimized? And if they did find you, will they engage and stay on your site?

What Really Matters for Search Engines

Using keywords you want to be searched for in your URLs, blog title, content body, and visuals are all important. This is how your target audience will get to you.

Aside from that, what’s now valuable for search engines, especially Google, is whether your visitors are really staying and finding your content helpful.

If people are clicking on your site and leaving immediately, search engines will determine that your content isn’t that helpful. Thus, they won’t show your content on the top of search results to their users.

For example, let’s say you wrote a helpful piece on how people can perfectly wrap their oddly shaped presents. You organize all the steps they should do BUT you didn’t even bother to show them actual pictures of how you did it.

Do you think your visitors will leave right away or take time to understand your instructions word by word? You guessed it right. They will leave. You would too.

If you want to engage your visitors and make them stay: use visuals.

Must-Install WordPress Design Plugins to Make Your Site More Visually Attractive

Needless to say, you don’t have to be an excellent graphic designer or photographer just to show your viewers neat images.

You can show them your own videos and photos that you’ve candidly taken. Or you can grab free stock photos from sites, such as Pixabay and StockSnap.

Actually, you have to make everything visibly slick. That’s why there are plugins you can use – ranging from automatically making your site mobile-friendly, down to social sharing buttons your audience can easily click.

In fact, here’s a list that Visme created in this infographic of the must-have WordPress design plugins you need to improve the appearance of your site:

wordpress design plugins

To Sum It All Up

What I’m really trying to say is that you need to make your site visually interesting and user-friendly so people will stay and come back for more. And using WordPress design plugins makes it a lot easier for us.

What do you think of these visual WordPress design plugins?

Have you tried them out?

Did they improve the appearance of your website?

Let us all know with your comment below. 🙂

Author Bio:

Belle Balace is a growth specialist at Visme, a one-stop visual tool where you can create engaging presentations, infographics, and other visual content in just a few minutes.

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