[Infographic] How To Use WordPress Guide For Beginners

Ask anyone in the Internet on what they think is a good platform to use when you’re planning on creating your first website or blog, and a majority of them would probably mention WordPress at some point as one of your best choices.

It’s a “household name”, so to say, among website developers, bloggers, business owners, students – basically anyone who has tried making a website or blog before.

WordPress, which was first launched in 2001 under the name “b2 cafelog” and is officially tagged as its successor, was, as their codex says, “born out of a desire for elegant well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL.”

Nowadays, it’s known to be an easy, user-friendly platform with a lot of potential behind its humble image, and doesn’t cost anyone any money to download and use.

It’s also incredibly flexible – you can pick and choose plugins, extensions, and themes not only made by the official WordPress team but also by third-party developers to make a website or blog that is truly your own flavor.

Add to that the fact that WordPress is search engine-friendly, which means that you won’t have to struggle a lot with your SEO efforts on raising your website right to the first page of the keywords that you are aiming for.

And with Google’s algorithms being strict and effective on weeding out potentially-troublesome websites, it’s a huge help to use reputable platforms like WordPress.

But while WordPress is a holy grail platform for those looking to create their website or blog without much fuss, it can still be confusing for those who barely have any experience with creating websites in the first place.

After all, you just wanted to set up a simple website with a nice look, good navigation, and holds all the information you need to show your audience – so why is the guide you’re reading requiring you to jump through so many files and edit so many lines?

PHP? MySQL? What’s that?

Fortunately, WordPress isn’t extremely complicated, and many of the unfamiliar jargon and heavy coding work isn’t actually needed to set up, manage, or edit your website when it’s up and running.

How to Use WordPress

Sometimes, all it takes a little crash course on the easiest functions of WordPress because really, those tools are what you’ll probably only need to use anyway.

Here’s an easy how-to-use WordPress guide for beginners, brought to you by Newt Labs.

The Easy How To Use WordPress Guide For Beginners


WordPress is popular for how easy and versatile it is, which means that both amateurs in web development and experts are capable of creating their own website or blog with the platform.

It also boasts of a rich community and a wealth of knowledge and information available for those who are looking for help on what to do.

With this simple How-to-Use-WordPress Guide that can be followed even if you do not necessarily have prior knowledge about editing websites before.

Knowing how WordPress works can pose a great deal for your content and SEO efforts, strengthening it when you are able to edit and optimize your website properly.

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