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best blog platform

What’s the Best Blog Platform?

So what’s the best blog platform to use to launch your blog?

Well, if you’ve ever thought about blogging, you may have got confused by the various plugins and widgets available for a start. A beginner may find these tools difficult to use. In fact, they can really clutter up your blog.

To tackle this problem, recent developments in publishing tools have improved the usability and simplicity of blogging platforms for beginners.

For instance, Markdown (the commonly preferred text-to-HTML conversion tool) is now integrated into many of the blogging platforms nowadays. It reduces the time spent formatting blog posts and makes documents readable by providing a plain text outlook.

Some would say that Tumblr, WordPress or Squarespace is the best blog platform to use. However, others would say that they are quite complicated for beginning Bloggers.

Thus, you may have been struggling to concentrate on your writing while dealing with these complicated functions on those other blogging platforms. So let us introduce you to some minimalist blogging platforms that are not distracting to someone who is new to the world of blogging:


Ghost blogging platform

Ghost blogging platform

This is an excellent open source platform for publishing content, as you are free to share, modify and redistribute on it.

Ghost makes you concentrate more on the writing aspect of things; it comes with a smart writing screen with a live preview on the right and the Markdown editor on its left.

It can be used for free. But if you’d like a much more advanced hosting platform for your Ghost website, it will cost you $80 per month.


Svbtle blogging platform

Svbtle blogging platform

This platform makes it easy to collect as well as develop ideas and share them with others, due to it being a simple reading and writing network.

At first, it was an invite-only network, but now it is open to all. Just like your brain functions, the dashboard is designed as such where you can keep your impromptu ideas and thoughts in the drafts for later use.

Essential styling tools with Markdown are also available, making it a much more controllable platform. And on top of that, it’s free.


Postagon blogging platform

Postagon blogging platform

For a true writing and reading experience, this platform has all the essentials you need.

Some of its remarkable features are its posts and drafts, drag and drop down functionality and a Markdown and visual editor. It also features alerts via emails as well as publishing posts through emails, and a smart system for comments.

With Postagon, you have the ability to use your own domain name to view your subscribers. Not to mention, you can share, import and export your posts and publish RSS feeds.

All you need to do is pay $4.99 per month, which is not a lot, considering the functionality it offers.


Wardrobe blogging platform

Wardrobe blogging platform

If you want to be focused on writing rather than on the administration of your blog, this platform provides a simple, enjoyable experience for the end user.

Your content is stored as Markdown, making it portable to use whenever the need arises. Better still, your files can be published quickly by simply dragging and dropping them into the admin area.

A strong theming system comes in handy to match the brand of the user. Its installation is also simple with a step-by-step guide.

This minimalist blogging application is used worldwide. It’s also free, so many Bloggers across the globe consider Wardrobe to be the best blog platform available.


Medium blogging platform

Medium blogging platform

Along with an aesthetically pleasing experience, this platform helps you find the most appropriate target audience for your blog.

There are no widgets, plugins, sidebars or customization tools. Hence, it is a much easier platform to use as a beginner, and it is also available for free.

You can easily get feedback by sharing your posts (or links to other articles) with Bloggers in the same target audience. You can read more about it in this blog post.


Bolt blogging platform

Bolt blogging platform

This content management system is sophisticated and easier to set up due to its flexibility.

Its dashboard fully supports most mobile and tablet devices, giving its users plenty of time to concentrate on writing and editing their content.

It has a multi-language support feature with built-in search and flexible taxonomies. An all for free.

Conclusion and the Best Blog Platform is…?

Now that we have rounded up some of the easiest blogging platforms for you to use, make sure to kick start your blogging with one of these platforms and spread the word to others around you.

Which one of these would you say is the best blog platform?

Will you be switching to any of these platforms after all the perks we have counted for you?

Do you have any better alternates than the ones we already mentioned?

Let us know by dropping in with a comment below. 🙂

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