7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Brand

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips

With the growth of social media platforms, many new mediums have started to rise up. In the midst of all, there is one photo sharing social media platform which has grown in leaps and bounds.

In 2010, the first ever picture was shared on Instagram, when it was nothing more than an everyday photo app available to be downloaded randomly. Since then and now, over 30 billion photos and videos have been shared on the social media photo-sharing app.

On an average, over 70 million videos and photos are being shared now daily on Instagram, which means millions of users are interacting with each other.

On top of that, celebrities have now also become the regular users of Instagram, allowing their fans to have an insight into their everyday life moments which are different and more personal.

This creates an amazing opportunity for businesses and brands to endorse or advertise themselves on one of the largest social media platforms of the decade. In fact, Instagram has now gone commercial with its first ever Facebook-like advertising mechanism.
Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about seven Instagram marketing tips that will skyrocket your brand.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 1. Creating Photo Contests

If the strength of Instagram is all about photos and photo sharing, then why not utilize this to your advantage?

As a brand, you can organize a simple photo sharing contest where you feature the best photos on your Instagram page and users get rewards for that.

Not only you have a user generated content for your page, which others will like and interact with, but also people will start associating themselves with your brand which is a great addition to your brand equity online.

Interestingly, most brands start with similar contests when they are new to the platforms, like Instagram

Instagram Marketing Tips: 2. Using Hashtags

Instagram trends its photos based on users and hashtags. If you have to promote your brand in front of the whole Instagram world, then using hashtags is very crucial to your campaign.

Learn which hashtags are the most relevant to your campaign, business or brand and you can add those to your content, which will help you get your content to go viral within those trending hashtags which have already become popular.

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to send your content viral: all you have to do is just make sure the hashtag is relevant to what you are posting.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 3. Geo-Tagging

This is best done when you are promoting your business or brand across several locations and countries.

You can interact with your users using current locations and let the people know your whereabouts and this can also help you gather crowds to your location or promotional event.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 4. Event Marketing or Photography

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is great for showing off your parties, celebrations and innovations through photographs. Make visually appealing photographs and you will have an army of fans going crazy about you on the Instagram page.

This is a great way to have both user-generated and self-generated content on your page.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 5. Sponsored Ads

A few weeks ago, after a successful experiment in Brazil, Instagram started its very own sponsored advertising.

Brands can now really push their messages forward through sponsored content appearing on the user’s page, based on the country and target audience.

The only catch for this is that the brand name should not come up directly and there should be subtle promotions. This is a very interesting development in terms of promoting your brand on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 6. Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities have become the regular users of Instagram. They allow their fans to have a sneak peek into their personal life through highly anticipated posts.

Their posts are highly liked by their fans and usually appear on popular pages of Instagram. Many celebrities can connect with brands to post their endorsements on their own Instagram profiles.

These celebrities have a huge fan following and a brand endorsement can really give you a great advantage if you manage to get it posted on the celeb’s page or profile.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 7. Videos

Instagram allows 15 seconds of video content on its profile. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s enough to get your message across.

This enables you to create subtle messages or utilize user-generated video content to further elevate your brand’s presence: another great way to promote your brand.


As you can see from the seven Instagram marketing tips above, there are several ways you can use Instagram to get noticed, gain traction and skyrocket your brand.

This is particularly true now that Instagram recently introduced a Facebook-like sponsored ads platform.

There are still plenty of Bloggers and Marketers who are not making use of this rapidly-growing social phenomenon to showcase and elevate their brand.

So make use of these seven Instagram marketing tips while your competition has their eye off the ball. 🙂

For more details about how to profit on Instagram, take a look at this online Instagram marketing course. You may find the “5 case studies” section particularly helpful for skyrocketing your brand.

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Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips


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