8 Of the Best Social Media Tools to Build Your Brand

best social media tools

best social media tools

Social media is pretty awesome if you’re looking to win leads and influence influencers, and for many of us in business the only limiting factor is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to perform it.

Social media management tools however change that and make it a lot easier to enjoy a quality presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. But which tools you may ask? We we’re going to show you.


It’s probably the best of all the amazing tools out there for social media. Buffer doesn’t just schedule social media updates, it uses a complex algorithm to post them at the times of the day when you’re most likely to have interaction.

The app looks at historical success and other areas and then posts at times when your audience is mostly online. The more you use it, the better it gets at predicting the best times of the day to post-and the result is you get more interaction on your social media networks.


Hootsuite is a very popular tool and rightly so. It’s got a huge array of options and allows people to collaborate across a myriad of social media networks.

It’s a great tool for tracking, monitoring and measuring the success rate of social media efforts-and if you’re really looking to tweak and get to the nuts and bolts of a campaign, it’s ideal.


SocialOomph is another great tool and one that offers free and paid versions to take care of your Facebook, Twitter, blog and various other accounts.

The software allows for some very useful features, including DM inbox clean-up, auto follow features and even keyword tracks and mentions. It’s a cool site for increasing productivity, and once setup you won’t need to return to it for months.


This tool has been around for a while and it’s got better and better with time. TweetDeck offers powerful filters to make managing social media easier and allows for scheduling-and even provides desktop alerts if you receive a tweet.

There’s also an excellent Chrome app if you want to make things even more integrated.


Similar on paper to Buffer, SocialFlow works with Twitter and Facebook data to optimize your content. It does this by taking three things into consideration, relevance, audience and also timing.

It then uses these to ensure that the posts are sent at the best possible time. It’s a paid for service, but the dashboard and functionality makes it worth it if you ask us.


Where would we be without this lovely, neat, clean link shortener? It’s free, it works across a range of platforms and social media sites and even features real time analytics and the ability to track click backs.

It’s simple, effective and a must for any social media campaign.


A great tool that allows you to take a closer look at the data from your social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr and examine how well you did.

Spredfast presents data beautifully and shows reach, engagement and a raft of other information that allows you to make a decision on what seems to work and what doesn’t seem to work.


Tweepi is a brutal but very useful tool that allows you to manage your Twitter account with ease and openness.

Tweepi makes it easy to flush out non-followers, clean-up those who aren’t active and even finds and follows new interesting people. It’s a great way to keep things organised.

These are 8 of the coolest social media apps for managing your campaigns and our suggestion is to use them all and then pick what works and what doesn’t.

It makes it more likely that you’ll continue to use the tool and in turn, more likely your following will grow.

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By Cormac Reynolds

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