7 Ways Social Media Changes Your SEO Game Plan

Social Media SEO Game Plan

Social Media SEO Game Plan

This article narrates the importance of Social networking platforms for your SEO strategy. It highlights all the important aspects of social media platforms for SEO and familiarizes you with the ways of utilizing social networking platforms for your SEO game plan.

Believe it or not, social media has a direct impact on your business SEO strategies. A recent study shows that social media-in the near future-will be the only way people will find information on anything.

Social media plays a key factor in discovering and sharing content. It significantly affects the indexing of content in a search engine, which is why it is crucial to take social media seriously in this regard.

The following section outlines the major factors you need to consider when enhancing your SEO strategy using social media.

7 Ways Social Media Affects Your SEO Strategy

1. Social Sharing – A New Way of Building Links

When it comes to search engine optimization, link building is the first thing that should be taken into consideration. There should be substantial proof on the internet that you are a provider of high quality information. People should deem you as trustable and worthy. Social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc., are some of the social platforms on which an original piece of content can be shared, which will help attract backlinks.

2. Google Author Rank

To enhance the credibility of your website, it is important that your content appears everywhere. Using Google author rank is a good way to achieve this. It allows you to associate your articles with your respective google+ profile, so that your bio and your profile are connected to the content in the search engine results.

3. Faster Indexing of Content

As already mentioned, content shared throughout all your social media platforms generates more links for your website. This in turn speeds up the process of indexing the content in the search engine results.

Content posted on social networks immediately generate links that reduces the duration of the indexing period. The key factor here is that a blog post that’s gaining social credibility is more likely to be pushed up in the search results.

4. Creating Relevant Connections

Google is largely connected with Google+, of course. Therefore your connections and contacts are all interlinked the minute you start sharing your content. When you grow an audience of relevant connections in a social media platform, you also pave a path for better search results.

5. Enhancing the Ranking of your Domain

It has been observed that the more content you post on your website, the more likely you are to receive higher rankings across the search engine results. Sharing content on a social platform drives traffic towards your domain and strengthens its credibility. A piece of content posted on a social platform acts as an authoritarian measure to reinforce the trustworthiness of your domain.

6. Imparting a Boost to Relevant Keywords

If you watch closely while searching for a particular product or a service, some of the top results that pop up on a search engine are the social profiles of that product or service. This is all due to the relevancy of keywords that are incorporated into your content and then posted on a social network. Needless to say, the higher your products’ rankings, the higher your net profits.

7. Leveraging Location Using Social Media

Smartphones these days are among the primary modes of retrieving information from internet. These little wonders come equipped with location based applications that can be very helpful in getting leverage from a business standpoint. For small business and medium enterprises, social platforms, like Foursquare are exceedingly helpful.

The concept here is pretty simple: search results that show up in Google are often associated with a social webpage. For instance, if you have a business posting of a local boston seo company on a social platform, chances are that whenever people search for services of a local seo in boston, the social platform that has your business posting will appear in the search engine results page as well.

Google has a thing for social networks. Therefore, it is vital to remain active with social platforms in order to anchor your business’s standing.


The battle for getting higher rankings can be fierce indeed. By including social media platforms in your SEO game plan, not only will you get more business but also you will dramatically increase your chances of attaining high, long lasting search engine rankings.

How important do YOU think social media is in your SEO game plan?

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