6 Ways To Explode Your Following On Twitter

get more free followers on twitter

get more free followers on twitter

Do you want more free followers on Twitter? Who doesn’t? It’s not difficult to get more followers; all you have to do is to know the secrets. Here are 6 strategies that you can use to double your followers on Twitter.

Give Them Something Good

Let’s face it. People aren’t going to read or share stuff that puts them to sleep. So when you are making your tweets, make sure that you give them something they can sink their teeth into.

Give them something that is going to help them. Give them something exciting. Give them something they will see and think, “OMG I so got to share this!”

Retweet Other People

Want people to follow you? Retweet the stuff that other people are tweeting. After all, people love to know that you are interested in their tweets. So find the content that other people are tweeting that is related to your business or content.

Using a Twitter dashboard, you can find your industry’s thought-leaders and retweet the content they’re sharing. This helps to lay the groundwork for collaborating with others and showing that you’re an expert.

Offer Deals Only for Followers

Hey, who doesn’t love a deal? If you want to get more free followers on Twitter, offer them a deal they can’t resist. Give them deals that are only for Twitter. Show your followers that you appreciate their attention and that you want to give them something tangible.

You can run contests that are only for Twitter. You can also post discount coupon codes on Twitter (by the way this is a great way to track how many people are engaged on Twitter).

You can also use Twitter to give people a look at your business. Use Twitter as a vehicle to give your followers exclusive content. This is going to help get people to follow you.

Tweet More

This seems like it should be obvious, but if you want followers you have to tweet. People aren’t going to follow you if you don’t have anything good to say, or anything to say period.

If you started gung ho with your tweeting when you first got your Twitter account, you might have gained a lot of followers. But guess what? Stop doing that tweeting and people are going to use the unfollow button.

Use Tweetable Quotes

If you want people to sit up and take notice of your tweets, then use the hidden gems in your articles and make them tweets! How do you do this? There are two great tools that you can use to do this.

The first one is ClicktoTweet, a free program, and the second one is TweetDis, which is a premium tool. Quotes are the best way to get people interested in your tweets and make you stand out.

Make the Authorities Tweet About You

Can you imagine if someone famous mentioned you in a tweet and that you are the best person for Twitter marketing? You can almost guarantee that you would get thousands of followers after that tweet goes live.

There are tons of strategies and tips on getting on famous individuals’ radar on Twitter. Use those strategies and you’ll find people are talking about you as well as tweeting your articles.

These are just some of the strategies you can use to get more free followers on Twitter. Another great strategy is to use tools with your Twitter account. If you are interested in knowing what tools you can use, here is an article that explains some great tools for Twitter. There are many tools out there for Twitter. You just have to find them and use them.

Tim Soulo calls himself an MMA marketer (which stands for “Mixed Marketing Arts”) and his focus is tactics and strategies that bring you either money or clients. Make sure to visit his personal blog at: BloggerJet.com

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