20 Ways To Market Your Blog (Hint: Facebook’s Not On The List)

market your blog

market your blog

With hundreds to thousands of competing websites, you must utilize a number of marketing tactics to get ahead or even stay at par with your competition. Here is a list of 20 ways you can market your blog effectively:

1. Going on Forums

By going on forums, you get to promote your article through the signature where you include a link back to your own content.

2. Use Pinterest Sharing Boards

You can connect with Pinterest users by sharing their content. This will get you invited in group sharing boards where you’re free to post links to your new blog posts.

3. Create an Image with a Call to Action

Create a custom-made image that calls the reader to take action. “Pin It” or “Share It,” make sure the image is engaging and attention-grabbing for people to take notice and take action.

4. Be a Part of a Social Sharing Group

Make a social sharing group where you can invite members to post links or their articles. Creating a schedule on who’ll post that specific day will keep things in order.

5. Join Triberr

With Triberr, you can join a tribe where you can easily promote your latest articles plus get social shares.

6. Use SlideShare

What you do is create a slideshow with Slideshare based on the new article you have and then put the link under the slideshow description.

7. Guest Post

No, it isn’t dead. Guest post your way to promote your new articles by contributing to a website of the same niche.

8. Submitting to RSS Directories

Use your blog’s RSS feeds and submit it to the top RSS directories. This will get your article automatically published on other blogs.

9. Build Network and Connections

Social media is one avenue where you can start building a network of connections on your niche. Your network will help you a lot in promoting your newest posts.

10. Submit to PDF Submitting Sites

Cover different article formats on the web by making a PDF version of the article you posted, then submit it to the top PDF submitting sites.

11. Optimize Articles

SEO is still beneficial today, especially when you’re trying to promote your blog. Good rankings definitely help with the traffic. In SEO, using long-tail keywords is more effective.

12. Build Email List

Encourage every visitor to sign up to your mailing list. Offer an incentive. Building your email list is an easy way to keep them updated if you have new articles on deck.

13. Email Signatures

When emailing, don’t forget to create a signature and include the newest link to your article. This should apply to every email you send.

14. Make a YouTube Video

Apart from text-based content and images, making YouTube videos is also a great way to promote your article and blog site. Just always put a link to the article on the video description.

15. Make an Infographic

Combining statistics, facts and graphics in one post is very engaging for readers due to the easy read. Make an infographic from time to time.

16. Return the Deed

Promote the article of other bloggers and in return, they’ll also promote yours. This way, you are reaching out to two different sets of readers easily.

17. Go to Instagram

Pick a powerful line in your article and put this in an image. Upload the image to Instagram and put the link to the article with the caption.

18. Advertise

You can use Google Adwords to advertise your new post. Make an ad, display text from your article and include a backlink to your article.

19. Squidoo Lenses

There are people who like reading Squidoo lenses so it’s not bad to tap into that group of readers. Create your own lenses and promote your article there.

20. Social Media Contests

Contests on social media sites are very effective in getting shares. Host a contest, offer great prizes and let your contestants do the promoting through sharing.

You need not do all of these at once. But starting with a couple is a must to get you going.

Carrie is an enthusiastic blogger with loads of passion for helping people and learning new things along the way. Personally, she’s into Thai food and longboarding.

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market your blog

market your blog








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