Why This WordPress Autoresponder is More Tempting Than a Cinnabon

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IMSC WordPress Autoresponder

IMSC WordPress Autoresponder

Hello again guys and I hope you’ve all had a great, successful week.

OK. You all know how important it is to be building your email list, right? I’m quite sure I don’t have to lecture you on that.

I Started off on the MailChimp’s Free Plan

But don’t you get fed up having to fork out monthly fees to your email autoresponder service provider? I sure was getting sick of it. Not that they all have high fees. I mean, I remember starting off using MailChimp and that was FREE until I switched to their unlimited emails plan-and even that was only $10 per month to start with, so that wasn’t bad.

Then I Switched to Aweber

Then, as my list grew a little bigger, it made more sense for me to switch to AWeber. They’re great guys too with stellar customer service. And $19 isn’t really a lot to have to pony up every month. It’s just that the fees went up an additional $30 per month when I surpassed 2,500 subscribers.

In our current Internet Marketing environment, there are certain tools that you need to be successful, and a lot of them are paid for on a monthly subscription basis. Adding an additional one at $49 per month just starts getting a little expensive, that’s all.

And anyway, why should you pay a penalty for your own list-building success?

Then The Solution Presented Itself

Then along came Sean Donahoe with his new IMSC Rapid Mailer WordPress plugin and this solved my budgetary problems once and for all!

What’s cool about this device, as I’m sure you’ve surmised, is that it works inside your WordPress site and you don’t have to exit WordPress to go see your results in action. Everything is right there in the left margin beneath your themes section-and you can see all your real time statistics-at a glance.

No More Monthly Fees

This is the BEAUTY of it all-no more forking out 19 to 49 to 69 dollars per month-and more (depending on how large and fast your list is growing) EVER AGAIN. There are NO monthly fees due to IMSC, as you can use your local host to send out all your emails.

With every other autoresponder, you still pay your monthly fee even if you don’t send out a single email that month. The only fee you would pay with this system would be if you were to set up the plugin to work alongside your Amazon SES or SendGrid account (many other third party systems are also supported).

Even then, the cost is negligible, because you can send out 10,000 emails for only $1 using Amazon SES! There’s just NO WAY you’d get a price anywhere close to that using the traditional autoresponder services on the market. And what’s more is, it’s easy to configure with Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailJet and various other 3rd party providers.

No More Restrictions on Lists or Campaigns

First of all, you can import as many contacts as you’d like and send out unlimited emails, and unlike any other autoresponder, there are no restrictions on the number of subscribers you add or mailing lists you create.

And it’s easy to import users from old autoresponder lists. If you’ve been building this list for years, you don’t need IMSC’s permission to move all your subscribers to their new system, unlike their competitors. Thus, there’s no need to get them all to opt-in again or jump through hoops to answer tiresome questions about how you built your list to begin with, etc.

In addition, there’s no more being charged for unsubscribes, which can really save you some dinero if you have multiple lists.

IMSC takes the stance that it’s YOUR business. So they don’t try to tell you what to do or try to ban or delete your account. With Rapid Mailer, YOU are in complete control of your income stream with this powerhouse WordPress autoresponder.

The way I’ve been using this versatile plugin so far is by broadcasting my new blog posts to all my subscribers. All it takes is a few simple clicks.

What I need to add to these mailers is the full social media integration that comes with this plugin. It would be nice to give my email subscribers the option to share the posts in my emails with their social networks. I’ll be getting to that very soon, so when you see the social media options inside the emails I send you, please remember to share them with your audience if you get some value out of the information, OK? 😉

Plenty of Additional Unique Features

Instead of only being able to link one autoresponder to one particular list, you can set up everybody on any autoresponder. Thus, you can broadcast to registered members on your site and backdate your autoresponders to include existing subscribers.

You can split, migrate, segment and group your leads and lists as you see fit. For example, you can segment your list based on whether subscribers opened your last email or not. So then you can send an alternative email to the “unopened” group to see if this new email subject line will prompt them to click on your message. And, of course, just like in any other autoresponder system, you can customize your messages with Rapid Tags to personalize your messages.

There are plenty of different, attractive themes to choose from. I’ve been using the “Getaway” theme. Here’s how it looks when you receive an email from me about my latest post:

IMSC Getaway Theme Example

IMSC Getaway Theme Example

I choose to send just a snippet of my blog post. But you can include the entire article if you’d like to. If you need to add an attachment, that’s easy enough as well.

All emails that you send using the IMSC Rapid Mailer are fully “Can Spam Act” compliant and you can digitally sign your emails using the added DKIM Wizard feature. All this helps ensure that your emails actually reach the intended inboxes of your readers, which is something you can’t rely on with other autoresponders. And rest assured, your emails are safe since by using this WordPress autoresponder system you will not be susceptible to autoresponder DDOS attacks that are being aimed at the big autoresponder services out there.

Here’s an additional nifty attribute: you can set up the automation rules for each autoresponder for smooth subscriber flows. For example, if someone subscribes to a new list, you can set the automation rules to take them off the original one they were on so that they don’t get repeated messages too many times.

Last, but not least, you can now actually sell subscriptions to your mailing list!  Therefore, you don’t even have to be an affiliate marketer or even have a product to make money with this gizmo. You can just sell your unique, top notch quality content to your raving fans in your membership site. No other system that I know of has this capability. Oh, and it’s directly integrated with PayPal and 2Checkout to make it easy to collect your payments. 🙂

The List Building Pack of Additional Plugins

I also purchased the IMSC Magnet plugin, which is included in an upsell that Sean has that you’ll see after opting to buy the IMSC Rapid Mailer. The upgrade package is called the “List Building Pack”.

With this plugin, I’m able to encourage you guys to share my articles if you’d like to. It’s that long blue horizontal box that pops up at the end of any article on this site. It’s a nice feature huh? I have it set to pop up after 60 seconds, so as to only interrupt you after you’ve read a good part of the article already. Here it is:

IMSC Magnet Plugin

IMSC Magnet Plugin

Another cool plugin included in the List Building Pack is the IMSC Attracta plugin. What this one does, is it enables your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. It’s the long red box that you’ll see at the top of my site and it’s quite possibly how you ended up subscribing to Right Blog Tips! 🙂 This is what it looks like:

IMSC Attracta Plugin

IMSC Attracta Plugin

Granted, this does look very much like the Hello Bar plugin, which you can get for free, but it’s a nice bonus all the same.

The third device included in the List Building Pack is IMSC Fresh Leads plugin. I haven’t even began to use this one yet, but from what I can see, it’s easy to create attractive, professional-looking squeeze pages with this. Or alternatively, you can integrate it with Optimize Press.

I’ll be using this in the very near future for my next squeeze page. Sean shows you how simple they are to build in the training that comes along with the List Building Pack. Here’s an example that he creates on the fly within a few minutes:

IMSC Fresh Leads Example

IMSC Fresh Leads Example

The fourth component of the List Building Pack is the List Rocket embedded ads. What this enables you to do is add an important banner ad, or even an opt-in box, to your content anywhere inside your article. This can really help with your conversions, as readers have become immune to these types of ads on websites and have been developing “banner blindness” for quite some time now.

Easy to Use Dashboard with Full Stats

The familiar interface of the WordPress editor makes it easy to create broadcasts, etc., and when you send out a broadcast, the email queue runs automatically in the background so you can get on with your next post.

It’s responsive as well, so you can control all your email lists from your smartphone or tablet. It tracks opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes right inside the easy to use dashboard.

To see what I mean, click here to get a look at the IMSC Rapid Mailer in action.

Problems Experienced

This WordPress autoresponder system is very easy to use. I only experienced one problem initially, and that was that I wasn’t able to activate the plugin in its settings section inside WordPress right away. However, I sent in a ticket to the support desk and they corrected the problem for me within 24 hours, so I was happy enough-even though I was itching to start using the plugin right away.

One other problem I had, that was a little more serious, was that the IMSC Rapid Mailer plugin was conflicting with my caching plugin. I use WP Super Cache, as it works very well with my CDN that comes with my HostAwesome hosting plan. I’m lucky that Dave and his team over at HostAwesome are always so quick to help me out with any type of functionality problems I might experience with my sites. They actually did some programming that rectified the problem for me in no time at all.

I had also sent in a support ticket to IMSC regarding the caching issue. They were very quick to respond, although they couldn’t seem to solve the problem for me right away. Again, my host really helped me out here, so if you buy the plugin and have any problems with caching, just send an email to me at support@rightblogtips.com and I’ll help you out.

One thing I did learn from IMSC support on this caching issue was that Rapid Mailer works well with W3 Total Cache. I just have a slightly different hosting setup with an integrated CDN to rev up my site and page-loading speed, that’s all. I’d say most users of Rapid Mailer won’t experience this problem at all.

Anyway, I’m sure glad that my caching problem has been solved because I would really hate to not be able to use IMSC Rapid Mailer for all its exciting, unique and cost-effective features. 🙂


Obviously, you can see that I’m really enjoying using this dynamic email autoresponder system. In my opinion, if you don’t have a list, this is the perfect starting point. But that doesn’t mean you can’t switch from your current provider, as IMSC Rapid Mailer was designed with new AND advanced marketers in mind.

By the way, it was incredibly easy to import all my contacts into different email lists that I set up inside the plugin. The training inside the members’ area made everything very simple for me. It’s Sean himself in all the videos, showing off all the bells and whistles of his creative contraption-and that’s nice to see that he knows it inside-out. Most other product owners have no clue about the widgets they sell and Sean’s involvement only adds to the authenticity of  this device.

Needless to say, I am now saving $588 dollars per year and I’m using a much better email marketing system than ever before. Oh, and if you’re thinking about trying it out, but you’re still a little apprehensive, Sean has a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Kudos to you, Sean Donahoe, for providing internet marketers and business owners around the world with such a dynamic plugin. It costs the mere equivalent of 2 or 3 months of what I used to pay to my former third party autoresponder service, so if you want to save on YOUR fees too, click here to get in the game.

Over to You

Has this post opened up your eyes at all?

Did you even know that such a high-powered WordPress autoresponder existed?

Are you going to give it a go? Let me know in the comments section below and have a fantastic weekend! 🙂


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