How to Improve Your Writing Skills

As a blogger, you must be always learning how to improve your writing skillsย to handle your audience and make them love your blog. Using their great writing skills, bloggers like Darren Rowse, Daniel Scocco, Leo Babauta and many more became the legends in the industry.

They created a huge fan base too with the power of their writing. YOU can do the same. Develop great writing skills and people will start following you. They will share your blog on social media and refer it to your friends and you will become FAMOUS.

If you are a serious blogger then read on; else, bye Bye BYE.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

I’m going to show you aย fool-proof method for making your writing attractive, clean and professional. After reading the article, go and write something and compare it to your old posts. You yourself will see the difference. Let’s get started:

Write, Write, Write.

  • Write
  • Write
  • Write

These are the simple three steps for improve your writing. Write more and more daily. Write more than you did yesterday. Write about anything. Strive to make it interesting. Again Write. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When you just start writing, it may be difficult, but slowly, slowly you’ll love this job. It’s easier when you just start writing.

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When you are writing, avoid editing. Just write. You can edit it later. And yeah, This works. Try yourself!!!

Read More

There’s plenty of content available online. You have to make your copy the best among them all. So read all articles (at least some) related to your blogging niche (category) and then start writing your post. I’d bet you’ll find that it’s suddenly very easy to write!

Don’t just read material related to your category: also read magazines, novels and offline books written by great writers. Take note of this and implement it in your writing.

Add a Personal Touch

Write like you are talking with the person face-to-face. It will make your writing interesting and attractive. Add humor to entertain your reader.

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Only use YOU and ME in the post.

Make it like a conversation. You and Me both love to read such posts. Am I right?

…and yeah, try avoiding the passive voice while writing. Write in theย active voice.

Edit and Proofread

As I said in the first point, just write without reading. Now it’s time to proofread your writing. Check it for spelling and grammar mistakes. There are various tools available online as well as offline. I use Microsoft Word for this job. Another great tool for mistake-free writing and checking plagiarism is Grammarly.

Use Short Paragraphs

All your readers are not going to read the full content. Only loyal readers like you are going to read the whole content and get exposure, but there are also skimmers online.

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So make your content skimmable, I mean scannable. Short paragraphs do the job. Use them ๐Ÿ˜€

Read out LOUD

When you are writing online, you don’t know how it will sound out. So read it out loud. You’ll notice problems like word choice and syntax etc. So reviewing in this way will correct them and make your copy professional.

I know this sounds bit weird, but still do it.

Stay Focused

Just keep the article focused on the main topic. Just write related to the headline of the post. No matter how short it is, it will be better than writing fluff.

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Over to you:

It would be great if you could add value to this article by sharing your tips with me. I’m waiting to see you in the comments section, sharing your tips onย how to improve your writing skills!


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