How to Write SEO Articles

How to Write SEO Articles

How to Write SEO Articles

Learning how to write SEO articles is a must for a blog’s fast growth and increased rankings. It is very difficult to write SEO articles for humans and having search bots in mind for good search engine rankings.

Today I’m going to show you how to write SEO articles for humans and Google bots and get good rankings without stuff!ing keywords needlessly all over your post.

Don’t be afraid when you hear name of SEO, it is not a rocket science or an art.

It is just all about making the article easy to understand/use for the user.

You have to implement all the things which will make it easy to read/implement/use the article.

Still there are no exact methods which will float your article on top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

There are instructions and cautions available, using what we have to write our article and make it rank well.

Write an SEO Title

It all starts with title of your article.

It should not be over optimized nor less optimized.

Have your main keyword in the title, which is very important.

Just include the keyword once, not even twice, as it will look a bit over optimized and may lead you to a penalty.

Permalink of The Article

Secondly, the other most important task to do is, include main keyword in URL (aka permalink) of the post.

Try to make the permalink as short as possible, but remember, make it easy to understand for the human. Always have humans in mind while writing SEO articles.

A long permalink doesn’t work well here, so make it of max around 60-100 characters in total, which is a healthy number.

Optimizing the Content for Search Engines (Critical Part)

SEO optimizing the content is the most crucial part of the SEO job.

There’s nothing hard in this part, but you should be well maintained, nor less nor more.

It all starts with the first line, including your main keyword in the first line is a good practice.

Then continue writing the article. When required bold your main keyword and the relative keywords.

It is not that write the same keyword again and again, that will look boring to users and over optimized for search engines.

Instead, make a list of related keywords to your main keyword. Include them in your article at times.

One more thing is that, give links to related webpages or links which will make the copy interesting and SEO bots also love it.

Don’t write too short content, Search Engine Bots like in-depth articles, around 600 word is enough.

May be you’ll say me that why did I not make this article of big length, but let me tell you, it is not must to write big articles, it is just a recommendation!

After your article is finished, proofread the copy.

Correct spelling and grammatical if there are any.

At the end, include the main keyword in your SEO article.

And tada! you’ve just learned how to write SEO articles!

Publish, promote, and have fun getting good rankings!

Yeah, I forgot one thing, including images with keyword relevant alt tags also improves your article.

Remember one thing, always create a unique, natural article-not an over optimized one! One way to make sure your content is unique-because Google will penalize you for duplicate content-is to avoid plagiarism using Grammarly.

Okay, now one last extra tip, 😉 Build some backlinks(aka inbound links) to your articles after publishing, that will also boost your rankings-so head on over to my article on how to build backlinks.


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