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Some of us get into the world of blogging just for the fun of it. Others get into blogging so that they can become very famous.

Bloggers also get into it just to kill time in the afternoon, since they don’t want to pay the Netflix monthly fee to keep watching Game of Thrones.

But if there is something that I can really assure everyone who reads this blog is that we are in this game of blogging to make some cash. I mean some $$$. Okay that symbol always looks good 😉

But most Bloggers who just started blogging are still finding it really hard to earn money from their blogs. For me, I am the kind of guy who likes to solve people’s problems, especially problems that lie in the blogging arena.

This is because it is my area of specialization – when I am not in class studying how I can make cheaper toothpaste, cheaper pesticides and also cheap booze (chemical engineering).

Today, I decided that I am going to give you the major reasons as to why you are still not getting any income from your blog – even after reading a lot of blogs online that suggested to you that by now you ought to be making millions from your blog and owning a private jet.

Probably right now your jet might be in the air headed for China or Japan, or any other exotic place for a vacation.



Yeah, am sure that you have already seen these kinds of blogs. Their major aim of being online is to try and put some money into their owner’s pockets.

They are the kinds of blogs that you come across on search engines (because if there is something that the owners know about is this SEO stuff).

But when you click on the link and open the article, you find nothing useful in the article.

I mean nothing. Nada!

Only a bazillion of ads plastered everywhere on the site promising you a solution that you don’t even need.

If you don’t see these kinds of banner ads, what you will get is a lot of text ads put in odd places within the mediocre information that is present in these kinds of blogs.

In this world, if anyone needs to make cash, you have to offer value. You will have to solve a problem.

If you do not offer people something that they really want, something that solves a problem that has been bothering them for a while, something that relieves these people who are taking their time to visit your website because of some kind of pain, then you might as well consider selling your Laptop and quitting blogging completely. The simple reason being that you will not be making any money.

To make money, focus on spending your time providing value. Writing articles that contain useful content that can actually change someone’s life. Answering questions that your audience may have.

That way, people will find a reason to be loyal to you. They will find a reason to trust you. They will find a reason to support you through purchasing your products.

Otherwise, you will keep wondering why your site is as useful as your high school notes that you keep in your basement. You can’t sell them and you can’t read them.


time and blogging

To get cash blogging, you have to withstand the test of time

One of the most worthless ideas that has spread on the internet like cancer, or more like fire on dry grass, is the idea of overnight success.

Mark Zuckerberg just made Facebook and it succeeded overnight and he did it all from his dorm room. If Mark did it, why can’t you also do it in your doom room?

Meh! Ew!

A teen just made an app and sold it for $30,000,000. Overnight.

Uber was an overnight success.

…And more and more bullshit.

There is nothing like overnight success in this world that I have been online for 20 years now.

Maybe on Mars because I have not been there yet. But Elon Musk is already working on changing that with his SpaceX 😊. I might be verifying that overnight success does not exist on mars either. Real soon.

The media uses these kinds of terms just to trick the brain of the normal human being. That way they can gain more readership like in the case of magazines and more viewers in the case of TV.

What that means is that they will get more revenue off the ads they will be selling.

People like to hear that things are that easy to do. That is why you will find lots of people glued to their TVs watching reality shows that feature successful people who tell about how they succeeded overnight.

Ask yourself this: if it was that easy, why isn’t everybody already doing it?

There are blogs out there that will totally lie to you in order to get you to buy hosting so that they can earn some commission.

So many newbie bloggers will enter into the game thinking that it is just a matter of time before they quit their day job and be living on a private island.

That is why I see many bloggers switching between different niches trying to find that holy grail that will officially make them millions in the shortest time possible.

Read this twice and if need be, read it thrice:


It will take time for you to get discovered and for people to trust you enough so that they can start buying from you.

Everything else that you have been learning about from lying bloggers: unlearn it now and it might save your blogging life.

Don’t lose hope. Don’t keep on changing your blog niche. Focus on one niche and gain credibility in it.

Money will be coming in no time. But of course, not overnight.


focused blogging

focus on your audience while blogging

Every moment you wish to write a blog post is just another chance for you to rant about your long day at work.

It’s another chance to talk about what you had for supper.

It’s about talking about what your dog did or didn’t do.

You will agree with me that your readers will not be gaining any useful information from all this.

People don’t care about what you ate or didn’t eat.

Your audience does not care whether you go to work or didn’t go to work.

All they need is value.

Is this blog actually solving a real problem in the world?

If you are not actually solving a real problem, I am sure your audience will not be coming back any time soon.

Correction: they won’t be coming back ever.

You need to shift your focus from yourself and decide to focus on your audience.

Get to know them more.

Know the problems that they need solved.

Then use your blog to deliver the solutions.

That way your audience will get a reason to stick around your blog and even recommend it to their friends and family.

This will in turn bring you a dedicated amount of traffic. People with a buying mentality will start finding your blog this way.



Stop being lazy to proceed in your blogging career

You make plans and in turn make excuses.

Instead of going online to research for your next blog post, you head out to Facebook and engage in mindless chatter and discussions and trying to prove how educated and bright you are.

Like anyone cares.

It takes you literary weeks to just write a blog post and publish it.

You talk about how hard you work on your blog but in reality, the only thing that you ever do is visit forums and comment about stuff you think that is awesome.

If you don’t visit forums, you go to Twitter, where you keep on posting “deep thoughts” and quotes about how to become an online entrepreneur.

Well, I will tell you what.  Building a business takes discipline and hard work. And blogging is a no exception to this.

You will need to create a blogging schedule and stick to it.

You will need to forego an extra hour of sleep in order to wake up and do research on a blog post.

That way you can produce awesome content that can make money for you in the future.

You will need to write guest posts which will in turn earn you extra traffic from those authority blogs that you guest post on.

That traffic is what you will leverage to earn you money.


For this I will give you an example of a blog you have probably have heard about.

It’s the blog FAKE STEVE JOBS.

This site was featured on the New York Times which resulted in the sending of more than half a million people to the website in a single day.

But do you know how much this guy earned? He only earned about a hundred dollars from AdSense ads. His earnings that month? $1039.81.

It’s one thing to have a blog with numerous visitors and it is totally another thing to be able to convert that audience into money.

You need to learn how to effectively convert your audience into money.

If you lack in this knowledge, all your audience will be going to waste.


Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95

Instead of opting to make a small initial investment, you decide to opt for a free website and still think that you can make money.

I wrote a blog post that tells people why they need to own their blog.

If you ever need to earn cash from your blog, you will have to be the owner of that blog.

This means you will have to purchase your own hosting.

I would greatly recommend Bluehost which is an internationally recognized hosting service provider.

You will also need to invest in the look of your blog. For this you will need to purchase a nice looking premium theme.


There it is. A whole blog post explaining to you the reasons as to why you still are not earning any money from your blogging business.

Are you willing to change this?



Just get started straight away.

If you think you have something constructive to say, please feel free to put it in the comments.

Happy earning from your blogs guys!


Hello, my name is Mathenge Maina. I am that coffee addict who by day is trying to figure out what chemical engineering is all about, while at night I run mathengemaina.com where I write for Bloggers and Writers. Find me on Twitter @mathengemaina1

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