10 Free WordPress Themes

There are more than 1,00,000 free wordpress themes currently available on the web. Today I’m going to share some of the best free wordpress themes which you can try on your site to make it more beautiful.

Some of these free wordpress themes are better than premium themes too, so, why should you spend money on wordpress themes.?I made a big list of free wordpress themes, and I’m now sharing this list with you all.

After all, premium themes are the best, but if you are just starting out, then these themes will rock your site.

Best Free WordPress Themes

1. Ribbon


Ribbon is a responsive and minimalist theme which I like the most and takes first place in this list of free wordpress themes. Ribbon is perfect for niche blogs as well as general blogs.

Demo and Download

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2. Swatch

Swatch is an ideal theme to be used for professional websites and blogs.

Demo | Download

3. Tint

Demo | Download


4. Best

Best is a minimalist wordpress theme, with cool user interface, perfect for a personal blog.

Demo | Download

5. Bello

Bello is free premium wordpress theme, perfect to showcase your works in a minimalist and professional style.

Demo | Download

6. Accentbox

Accentbox is a ultra-responsive free theme which can put even premium themes to shame. It has all browser support too.


7. Learner

Learner is a magazine style wordpress theme to be used for tutorial site or a tech blog.

Demo | Download

8. Grid

Grid is a gallery style free wordpress theme, it has one awesome feature of infinite scrolling. Grid is a responsive theme.


9. Launch

Launch is a tumblog like wordpress theme with left sidebar, perfect for a personal blog.

Demo | Download

10. silverOrchid

SilverOrchid is a magazine style theme, suitable for a tech and new blogs.

Demo | Download

I hope you liked this collection of best free wordpress themes.

If I’ve missed any, then please let me know them in comments.


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