Making the Best Social Media Graphics for Your Blog

social media graphics

Social media marketing is all about getting people to like, follow, comment, and interact with your posts as much as possible.

The first step to getting those clicks and views is to catch your audience’s attention with visually appealing graphics.

You want people to pause while they’re scrolling. And long enough to look at your graphics, which will hopefully lead them to read your caption, look at your page, and give you that valuable follow.

To achieve this, you need to make sure to work and build upon your graphics skills so you can successfully get people to interact with your page and lead them to your blog.

If you have little to no experience with graphics, here are some great tips to help you create the best social media graphics for your blog.

Marketing Your Blog on Social Media

Businesses are now using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even SnapChat to to drive traffic and promote themselves.

Social conversion, mobile optimization, and content marketing are among the top internet marketing trends. So you should use them to your advantage.

Here is the consensus on social media platforms from content marketing experts:

  • Facebook: Facebook marketing won’t be as effective for younger generations, but tools such as campaign reports, insights, call-to-action buttons, and chatting through Messenger can help you create strategic marketing plans.
  • Instagram: Instagram is an excellent place to show off and build your brand. Here, you can post pictures of special events, day-to-day functions, and projects in the works with nice pictures.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a great place to post all your blog content. Since it is so fast-paced, you can throw out more information to your followers without over-posting and potentially annoying them.
  • Pinterest: Most Pinterest users are women, so keep that in mind when promoting your blog there. However, if your graphics are eye-catching, you can get significant traffic this way.
  • Snapchat: If you have a personal blog and want to talk directly to your viewers, you can give them a glimpse of your life with Snapchat. This is perfect for previewing projects that will be featured on your blog.
  • YouTube: Here, you can harness the power of video marketing. If you feature tutorials on your blog, a YouTube channel can be a great way for your audience to access them.

These three platforms are a great way to start generating leads from social media to your blog. If done correctly, it can get you more loyal readers and widen your exposure.

Building and Refining Your Social Media Graphics Skills

In order to get these leads, you need to be able to catch people’s attention with your graphics. To start the designing process, you need to figure out what level you are currently at.

If you’re a beginner, have little to no experience with graphic design, and you just want to be able to make nice graphics for your blog without taking up too much time or money, you can look into free, easy programs, like Canva.

With Canva, you can choose from different templates, such as social media posts, Pinterest graphics, and blog banners.

These templates will already come in the right size for you to use, and they all have pre-made layouts that you can choose from and customize for your own use.

If you already have some experience with graphic design or you are looking to more seriously build your skills, you should get a subscription for an Adobe Creative Suite program, like Photoshop or InDesign.

These feature their own tutorials, and you will also easily find many easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube so you can get started on your own.

If you are more serious about getting your footing in graphic design, then you should choose your preferred Adobe Creative Cloud program and take a class or get training on it.

Getting tips and critiques from professionals is invaluable for your learning and will really boost your skills.

Whichever option you choose, you should make sure to spend time every day practicing and always push yourself to further develop your social media graphics skills.

Publishing Social Media Content

Once you have created beautiful images to be used on social media, you need to create a strategic plan to publish them.

The number of times per week that you post and the time of day is important. Posting consistently will train your followers to expect your posts and look forward to them, especially with your eye-catching designs.

If you want, you can pay for social media ads to boost your posts and reach more people. However, you can also just use tips and tricks to optimize your posts.

For example, the timing of your posts matters. You can see what times your followers are most active, so posting during those times is a good idea.

You can also consider, however, posting during slower times of the day so you won’t have to compete with as many posts.

If you are posting multiple times a week — and you should be — you can schedule some posts for the times your followers are most active, and some posts for when you may have fewer followers online.

But other pages will likely be posting less.

Another powerful trick is to use hashtags and tag other people and pages in your posts. This will make your posts more visible and interactive, which is a good way to get more followers and clicks.

As long as you are posting frequently, strategically, and including amazing social media graphics to catch your reader’s’ attention, you can make the most out of social media marketing and graphics for your blog.

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