Tablets for Bloggers

Tablets for Bloggers

Tablets for Bloggers

If you are serious about blogging, you have probably already invested in a tablet to help keep on top of social media. Devices such as the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 are simple places to connect blog content to personal photos while using your favorite apps. And when working with widgets and gadgets on your blog, a tablet can provide the perfect place to double check these and ensure that your site is up and running smoothly.

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If you are an avid blogger and have yet to purchase your very own iPad or other tablet, here are some suggestions for finding the right tablet and accessories for you.

Which One?

The increasing number of tablet options coming out from every major brand can leave the potential customer feeling more than a little paralyzed by the choices. Some basic questions to start with are:

•What is my budget?

•What size works for me?

•What capabilities do I need?

From here, you can start shopping around. Amazon will have all the products you need, but you may find some more timely bargains at AliExpress by Alibaba, especially if you’re shopping from outside the US or if you’re looking for some bargain-basement dollar deals with free worldwide shipping.

Popular tablet models include the iPad, which can perhaps be credited for starting the tablet craze. Samsung makes several models of the popular Galaxy. Google with its Nexus 10 and Amazon with its Kindle Fire have increased the capabilities of their products. Both Dell and Microsoft also make models with keyboard docks, namely the Dell Venue 8 and the Microsoft Surface RT.

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Protect Your Device

Once you’ve brought home your new technology toy, the first thing to consider is how to keep it safe. Popular Snugg leather cases can protect your new iPad from enemies such as water, dirt and other threats.

There are also many stylish options for tablet cases. Some disguise tablets as leather bound folders. Others come in attractive colors.

Writing Ease

For the avid blogger especially, finding a good keyboard will help to save time when typing out new content for your site. An excellent product for this is the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400, which is lightweight and versatile. It is specially designed for travel so that bloggers can be prepared to keep writing while on the go.

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Tune Out, Tune In

Whether you enjoy listening to favorite playlists while working or plan to use a tablet as an entertainment hub for watching movies and playing games, it is often helpful to find a comfortable pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

A par of Soul headphones by Ludacris offer extreme comport as well as style. Most importantly, they can help eliminate the rumble of airplane engines or the whirr of traffic outside your favorite coffee shop.

Prop Up Your iPad

Though primarily using the new device for blogging purposes, you may quickly find other useful ways to add a tablet to your daily routine. The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is an easy to use acrylic rack that transforms your tablet into a recipe book while you stir and chop in the kitchen. This easy to use and very sturdy accessory is available on Amazon.

Be Ready With Battery

A final suggestion is to acquire a car charger for your Apple or Android device, so that your device remains fully charged even when you are out all day.

Equipped with a new tablet and all the extras, from a case to a kitchen rack, that will make it work easily for your day to day, you can get started streamlining your content writing and SEO as you continue to build your blog.

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Tablets for Bloggers

Tablets for Bloggers





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