How to Look For Hidden Inspiration for Writing Your Next Blog Post

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Once Martin Luther said, “If you want to change the world, pick your pen and write”.

Nowadays, you can say if you want to change the perception of the world switch on your computer, log in and start blogging.

But when it comes to blogging, you need inspiration for writing, aspiration and so much more.

Sometimes, you really want to write about something, but you run short of your idea and this is one of the most frustrating parts of blogging.

Remember that treasures are always hidden under the depth of the sea. As said by Benjamin Franklin “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”.

I wrote my first blog not just because I wanted to earn some fame but because I wanted to read. So I started writing for myself.

As a writer, there is no limitation of your thoughts. What you see and feel becomes your inspiration. You just need to remember it, or I would say, explore it.

Here are few amazing tips and tricks to help you get the inspiration for writing your next blog post:

1. Meditate


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Take a deep breath, calm your mind and meditate. Remember that meditation invokes creativity by improving your focus.

What you have to do is close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Meditation is all about freeing yourself from every thought.

In other words, it is about finding the inspiration that you’ve lost in the chaos of life.

To connect yourself with your inner self, you can even repeat some words or phrases, such as “Life is beautiful”, “This world is fantastic”, or “Everything is wonderful”.

2. Don’t Procrastinate

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Procrastination is one of the hidden culprits behind the creative block. Why? This is because we become complacent after a time which deprives us of motivation.

Apart from this psychological aspect, some writers are too impatient to wait for inspiration. They are just happy in writing even if fails to inspire anyone.

But since you are reading this blog, we can assume that you are not one of them. So rather than wasting your time sitting idle, you should search for things that can inspire you.

Therefore, if you are stuck in a rut, you just need to get yourself out from it and look for the inspiration around you.

3. Inspiration For Writing: Read Inspirational Works

Since you are a writer, you must be a good reader. So you can start by writing about your favorite authors, novels, biography or anything that can boost your creative juices.

You can even compile the best quotation which could ignite the creativity flame inside you.

Read inspirational works of famous people and you’ll be on your way to finding the inspirational ideas for writing your next post.

4. Indulge In Your Interests

Engaging yourself in your favorite activities is another way you can get yourself charged up for writing your next article.

You can start doing some of your most-liked activities, such as cooking, gardening, and painting. You can even write about your favorite things and you’ll be able to get back that buzz.

Just do whatever you feel like doing at the moment and it’ll certainly make you feel some inspiration for writing your next article.

5. Write Travel Diaries

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Writing about travel experience can be really amusing. Write about your adventurous experience; the place you have visited several times.

It’s not necessary that you have to travel the world to create travel diaries.

No, write about the most astonishing places in your city: the place you like to spend time in your city, like spending time in City Park or walk at Corniche or about the experience you had in tracking up to the mountain peak.

6. Think About Your Childhood Reminisces

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We get some amazing experiences in different phases of life, but childhood remains the best part of our life.

When I was a toddler, my mom used to tell me I was a very naughty boy. So even you can think about your memories when you were a toddler.

Childhood memories are the best inspiration for writing. As we grow up, our physical, emotional and psychological health changes. And these improve over time as we become more mature.

So you can even cherish some of your childhood experiences and you might end up finding something worth writing about in your next article.

7. Read About Your Favorite Celebrities

Nowadays, it has become easier for people to read about their favorite celebrities; their personal life, and what they are up to.

Check out the latest stories about your idols and keeping sneak peak on the social profiles of your celebrities.

You might get some inspirational thoughts from lives of one of your favorite celebrities.

8. Read Inspirational Books


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As said by Paulo Coelho “people are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of”. And so are you.

So if you need some inspiration for writing, you can even write reviews about the books which change and bring positive impact to your life.

Everyone is familiar with “Stephen Richards Covey”, the author of highly inspirational books.

9. Be Creative, Be Miraculous

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To write fantastic blogs, you have to be immensely creative. And being creative needs inspiration.

In this day and age, it takes only a tap of the mouse to get access to things that can inspire you.

For example, you can research the online resources and look for amazing inspirational ideas. You can read listicles, watch a movie or listen to one of your favorite songs.

Search for anything that can help you exercise your creative muscles to get inspiration for writing.

10. Close The Doors

Solitude is the best companion for creative people. When you are alone, it makes you explore your thoughts.

In one of his books, Stephen King advises to write your draft while the doors are closed and then revise it with the door open.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to confine yourself to a room. Instead, the idea is to avoid the second opinions of the people who live within your proximity.

It is quite possible that you are getting influenced by the opinions of others. And it is hindering you from reaching the zenith of the idea that you want to write about in your next article.

If that is the case, then it is better that you keep a distance from people who could stop you from reaching the climax of an inspiring idea.

11. Music


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Listening to music can give a high to your mood.  Listening to Vivaldi, Beethoven or Mozart can increase the level of creative activities in your mind.

Therefore, if you want to lift up your mood, you can play some good music.

Wrapping Up…

Remember that if you want to get inspiration for writing, you first need to get inspired from something that you can write about.

Inspiring yourself from your best interests and hobbies can change your mood and help you untie yourself from a mental block.

There is no greater joy than knowing that your words can inspire others. And inspiration is the first stage of this process. 🙂

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