What Should You Blog About?

You may have had one of those moments, reading through the pages of one of your favourite blogs, when you suddenly had the inspiring thought that you too should start a blog.

After all; there have been all those success stories, there are all those people who have made a living from their blogs, and we want to be like those people. So – where do you start and what should you blog about?

Pick a Topic

Well – the first thing is of course that you should have something to blog about. Blogging isn’t for everyone, there needs to be some really interesting aspect of your life that you can provide a lot of information about, something that changes, adapts or improves often enough to allow you to continue writing interesting posts.

Find something you’re really passionate about and blog about that. Before you start making a blog though try writing three blog posts for your blog. If you struggle with three posts in the very beginning then you’re going to struggle to continue blogging, so this is a good test of how well you will actually be able to blog about the activity or topic you have chosen.

So, let’s say that you have managed to successfully find a topic that you are passionate enough to blog about every day. What should you blog about from now on?

The first ten posts should work to introduce the idea of the blog a little more and what the blog will actually cover; but without the introductory topics if the tone of your blog doesn’t suit it.

Find the Tone

Decide on the tone of your blog first – is it supposed to be funny? Informative? Interesting? Friendly?

Have a good think about the topic of your blog and then select the right tone for your blog, and remember to stick to it when writing your articles – this will help you to find the right sort of target audience and write in a way that appeals to them.

Starting your Blog

Introduce the idea of the blog in your first post. If your blog is about your life then in your first post you should introduce yourself and explain what it is about your life that you feel makes it interesting enough to blog about, as well as outlining what your audience would gain from the blog.

If your blog is for professional purposes outline the topics that your blog will cover and what the blog will aim to provide for the audience, rather than introducing yourself or going straight for a sale.

When you have an idea of what your tone is going to be and what sort of topics your blog will cover, then you can decide on a timescale for the blog to follow; this will be your posting schedule.

Take some time to research events that are relative to the topic of your blog, and schedule in special posts to go live 3-5 days before these events hit, in order to gain the benefits of the traffic this can bring.

This will help you to find topics for at least one post a month. The rest of the time you can try to keep posts relevant to what is happening in that particular industry or area currently, what you’ve been doing lately, what you’ve learned in the past week – there are a number of different options available to you; keep things relevant and unique and you should be fine.

Overcoming Blogger’s Block

While blogging in the beginning can be quite easy, you might find that as time goes by it becomes somewhat monotonous. Sitting in front of an empty word document wondering what should you blog about, with no idea what to type.

If you’ve hit a block and you aren’t sure what sort of article you should write next then there are a few things you can do.

First of all look at the news; find anything that relates to the topic of your blog and make notes – what the news is and how it connects to your topic. Do this for 3 or more news stories. Then, research the stories, find any information you can and make notes of any points that seem interesting.

Your next article could be your own spin on covering the industry news, or it could be something completely different. For example; let’s say you write a blog about cars. The Formula 1 is all over the news, but your blog tends to focus more on classic cars – a post covering the Formula 1 news might look out of place, but not having something about it could mean that you lose out on time-sensitive organic traffic.

Instead of writing about the Formula 1 outright you could cover how much it has changed, which classic cars were designs for racing, or go in another direction all together and write an article about the slowest classic cars ever made and connect that to the incredible technological changes that brought about the Formula 1 racing cars we see today. There will almost certainly be something there to inspire an article.

Of course, if that fails you can try switching up your format to get yourself going with the topic again; video blogging, for example, is an easy step to take. You could choose to make a video tutorial, a video to support or even update a previous topic covered, or just for the sake of trying something different.

Who knows – you might find that an aspect of your blog moves to a whole other platform as a result.


So – to conclude; what you really need for your blog is a topic that you enjoy passionately enough to write about every day, and the organisation and inspiration to do so without replicating your content or the content of others.

If you need to experiment with different tones, topics and formats to accomplish this then do so, particularly in the earlier progress of your blog when you are still finding the right method for you and your blog.

So; a few questions for the readers.

If you could go back to the beginning of your blog what would you change? We very rarely get it right the first time, so take into account your regrets from your first attempt when you try your second blog.

If it could be anything, what do you secretly really want to blog about?

What should you blog about next? Read this article for even more ideas.

Did this article help you get unstuck?

Let us know by sending in your comments below. 🙂

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