How to Find a Niche for Your Blog: 4 Practical Tips

how to find a nicheIf you want to set up a successful blog, your content needs to solve a specific problem.

That’s right – people search the web for this reason. They usually look for information that helps to answer their questions.

If your blog is composed of random ramblings, don’t expect to attract and hold the attention of many visitors.

Running a successful blog starts with figuring out how to find a niche. A niche blog narrows your target audience but by focusing on a particular topic it also keeps these users coming back for more.

Here are 4 practical tips that will show you how to find a niche for your blog:

1. Write about a topic you know and like

The readers of your blog will be able to tell whether you’re really passionate about your topic or you picked it because it seemed hot at the moment.

It’s essential that the main theme of your blog is a topic that you like. When you write about a subject you’re passionate about, you automatically put more effort into your content.

You’ll be also less likely to abandon your blog in the future – you simply won’t run out of ideas to explore.

Passion shows through writing and readers can feel it. A passionate blogger exploring a niche topic will have a more devoted following than a disinterested blogger who talks about popular topics.

The thing about passion is that it drives your thirst for knowledge. It’s not smart to pick a topic just because it sells well. You’re simply not an expert in it and can’t offer your readers a unique perspective.

Now, writing about a subject which is your passion, you won’t have to do much research because you already have so much knowledge about it.

2. How to find the right subject for your blog?

You’re probably interested in exploring a few different topics, so how do you tell which ones could become the material for your blog?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Pick a topic
  • Write down a list of 10 ideas for blog posts
  • If you can’t come up with 10 ideas, this is not your niche
  • If the ideas you came up with don’t inspire you to expand them into full posts, reject the topic as well
  • If these 10 ideas sound great, get down to writing before setting up your website
  • Do you have trouble finishing these 10 posts? Or maybe you feel like you’ve exhausted the topic? This niche isn’t for you
  • But if you find yourself coming up with new ideas after writing these 10 posts, you’re on the right track to finding your niche. Now you’ve got some content to put on your site and get your blog running.

3. How to find a niche: learn what’s missing on the market

It doesn’t matter what topic you choose to write about, you can be sure that there are already thousands of posts that target the same niche.

But every niche has it unexplored corners and if you manage to find them, you’re bound to create content that makes a splash on the market.

But how do you narrow your niche? You need to adjust your focus to cover a new target audience to those who are ignored by other bloggers, for example the beginners versus advanced users in your industry.

You can also concentrate on a given geographical area.

If you spot a need in the market, just go for it.

4. Make a name for yourself in your niche

Now you have your niche. What’s the next step? Developing a strategy to dominate your niche.

You need to do something different from other bloggers who cover your niche. So get down to it and start evaluating the current state of the niche and its key contributing figures.

All this will help you to better understand how to position your content in the niche.

Read other blogs and always have a look at the comments section. See any holes that need filling out or questions people ask over and over again but never get the answer? That is your starting point.


Learning how to find a niche is critical to the success of your blog. You need to target a particular audience to gather followers that will form a tight-knit community around your blog.

Follow your passion and choose a niche that reflects your interests and fills a need in the market that no other blogger has ever addressed.

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