How to Create Content That Converts: 5 Tips to See Results Starting Today

content that converts

Content marketing is key for gaining attention, and if you want to drive customers to your website, it’s one of the most effective ways.

But your content and your page views are worth nothing if you don’t manage to convert them into sales.

The following 5 tips will show you how to create content that converts at a high conversion rate every time.

1. Create desire

Emotion is very powerful in content marketing. When a piece of content, and especially the headline, appeals to the emotions, you will get more click-throughs.

But what emotion do you want your customers to feel? You should be aiming for desire. In order to create desire with your content, appeal to the fear of missing out, or FOMO.

Tell them how they can be better at something. Hint that they are missing out, describe how they could improve themselves, or talk about how something is the next big thing.

If everybody who is somebody is doing a certain thing, then everyone else will want to be somebody too – by doing that thing.

Make sure that the action you are motivating readers to do is to buy from your company.

2. Create urgency

Urgency is very important in conversion. If there’s something your customer wants, but they don’t need it right now, they won’t buy it right away.

They won’t convert, and by the time they do need it, they may have forgotten about you entirely. Instead, make sure that they feel the need to purchase right away.

You can do this by limiting available quantities, creating a fear of missing out connected to a time frame, or even warning that time spent without purchasing is time wasted.

For example, let your readers know that if they don’t have your product, they are losing money every day.

3. Create clarity

It’s important that readers know exactly what you are talking about and understand you fully. For this reason, make sure to use words that are easy to understand, and stay away from jargon as much as possible.

You should also make it clear what they are to do next. When they get to the end of your content, there should be a call to action.

This can be asking them to sign up to receive emails, to get a consultation, to view your products, or to interact with your company in another way.

You could even be more subversive by asking them to assess their own need for a product, which should hopefully show them that they do need to buy it.

4. Content that converts: create pain point calls

Pain points are the issues that will make your target audience more likely to buy.

For example, let’s say that you offer social media management. Pain points for your clients could include not having enough time to focus on social media, spending money on ads for low returns, or not getting enough engagement from their followers.

Make sure to tap into these by mentioning them specifically. This will help the reader to understand that you can help them.

5. Create authority

Who would you prefer to buy a toothbrush from: a random company that started making toothbrushes last week, or a company headed up by a former dentist who is an expert in dental hygiene?

Turn yourself into an expert and people are more likely to convert. You can do this by using statistics, showing that you know your stuff, giving advice, and making helpful content that gets straight to the point.


With content shock now a concern for marketers, you need to sharpen your content up more than ever. Study the above 5 tips and you will soon be writing content that converts at high conversion rates every time.

If you need a little extra help, delve into the high-converting content writing techniques outlined in this extensive online content writing course.

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