5 Ways to Increase Your Average Email Open Rate Starting Today

increase your average email open rate

increase your average email open rate

Having difficulty increasing your average email open rate? Then paying a little more attention to your email subject lines could be the solution to your problem.

Listen, regardless of what people might say, emails are heavily judged by their subject lines.

Studies have shown that 33% of recipients choose whether to open an email or not after they’ve seen the subject line. If it doesn’t grab their attention they won’t open it, irrespective of the importance of the message conveyed.

Businesses must find a way to craft meaningful titles if they want their emails to get opened. And in the online marketplace, first impressions matter the most.

Do you want people to open, read your content and click your links? Sure, you do; but for that to happen, you need to jazz them up so that people become engaged.

Don’t beat around the bush – keep emails short and meaningful

It is important to keep subject lines short. On mobile devices, if the title is too long it will be broken and recipients won’t be able to read the whole thing.

Right now, over 40% of all emails get open on some sort of smart device, whether a smartphone or tablet. Subject lines should be less than 50 characters so that people can read the whole title the moment they get it.

Summarize if you’re having issues writing a shorter title, and consider words that actually matter.

Keep your sender names familiar

Nobody wants to get emails from anonymous senders. So in order to get your product out there, you need to create a connection first.

Due to the amount of spam people receive daily, many don’t bother opening emails sent from a robot. It’s just like calling a company and realizing that there’s a machine answering on the other line rather than a real person.

An email address such as ‘noreply@company.com’ should never be used because it looks and feels impersonal. It makes recipients hit “mark as spam” immediately.

How to increase your average email open rate: use personalized tokens

Personalized tokens, such as locations or names as subject lines, convey empathy; and people love to hear their names. This is a sure-fired way to boost your average email open rate.

According to recent reports, emails with a first name mentioned in the subject line have higher click-through rates as opposed to emails that don’t feature names.

Emails that begin with “Happy Birthday John! Get your Gift” seem personal and addressed to a specific person; they’re the ones recipients love to open just to see what’s inside.

Segment your lists

Even though emails that appeal to a range of people seem relevant, they won’t entice everyone. Some recipients might get confused or frustrated; this is why it might be a good idea to consider segmenting your lists.

Customize the experience with information based on actions customers have taken already; from forms previously filled out to working industries and personal preferences.

You’ll certainly have success hiking up your average email open rate by personalizing the experience of the receiver with list segmentation.

Avoid making false promises

Email subject lines are usually meant to make promises to the reader, and introduce them to the content of the email. So it is important to make sure that you can commit.

Try not to make false promises; otherwise the second time you send them a similar email, your customers won’t open it.

False promises lead to lower open rates, and some might even unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Inform recipients about the contents of your email

Let’s say you have a visitor who has just downloaded your offer after reading your email. In this case, it might be a great idea to consider a subject line like “your guide awaits” or “there’s an eBook waiting for you”.

This tactic works a lot better than a simple “thank you” in the email’s subject line. That’s because it reveals the true nature of the email.

Plus it makes it clear to your customers that there’s something inside for them if they choose to open it.


Crafting the best emails is all about enticing your readers. Subject lines, in particular, are similar to calls-to-action. The language has to be inspiring, which means they need to start with action verbs.

This will make your emails clickable because they instill excitement and urgency. Make recipients feel important and appeal to their senses with meaningful emails.

Paraphrase your subject lines correctly and they’ll be eager to open them to see what you have to offer.

So did the five tips above actually help you increase your average email open rate?

Please, tell us how you did in the comments section below. 🙂

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increase your average email open rate

increase your average email open rate






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