7 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Email Click through Rate

email click through rate

email click through rate

Getting people to open your emails is hard enough, as is keeping your emails out of the junk email folder.

If you finally and miraculously get people to open your email, then you have another uphill struggle: getting some kind of email click through rate.

Here are seven tips to help you stay out of the junk folder, to have people open your emails and to hopefully help people click on one of your links:

1. Be very gentle but intriguing with your subject line

The subject line is one of the areas where most people lose their customers. People do not even look at the email because of what it says on the subject line.

You need to give them a very gentle reason to look at your email because any strong selling technique is going to scare them off.

Take a look at all of your junk mail and look at the many tactics used in order to get you to open the email. Look at every junk message and make a point of avoiding all the things that their senders do.

If you have ever been one of those people who has opened a piece of junk mail, look back at the subject line and ask yourself: “What was it about that subject line that made me open this?”

Figure it out and then apply it to your email marketing.

2. Do not use the recipient’s name unless you are sure of it

People always give fake names when they sign up for stuff online, and then a day later they forget what name they gave.

So, when you send your email with a subject line or an opening that uses their name, they either assume it is spam or that you sent it to the wrong person.

Marketing books tell you that using a person’s name makes it more personal and engaging, but it is not the case with email marketing.

Only use their name if they entered it in their card details section when they paid. This is the only way you can know that it is actually their real name.

3. Have people sign up to your newsletter so they expect emails

If you actually get people to agree to have your emails sent, then you are not breaking the law (how about that eh?).

Also, more importantly, if you get people to sign up to your newsletter, then they are going to expect your email. Or at least, they will remember that they signed up when it arrives.

That way, even if your email ends up in the junk folder, the user is going to know that it is not actually junk.

This will certainly help increase your email click through rate.

4. Have people verify their email addresses when signing up

This is a good way of checking to see if the email address is a real one and it will help to keep you out of the junk folder.

It also increases the chances of the user pulling you out of the junk folder and putting your message into the inbox.

This will make it so that your future messages end up in the inbox.

5. Be wary of the things that create red-flags for junk mail

There are lots of rules for this, such as using the words “money” or “sex” or other similarly spammy words in the email.

It involves things such as having capital letters in the subject line or having an email made up mostly of pictures.

Check to see what makes an email service flag your email as spam/junk. And learn to avoid those things to increase your chances of getting into the inbox of your recipient.

6. Increase your email click through rate: make sure the email loads very quickly

This is very important because lots of viewers will not hang around whilst it loads.

Most people assume that if an email is taking a while to load, it is a virus. And they will often try to get away from it as fast as possible.

Plus, the longer you make them wait, the more chance there is of them getting bored and just clicking off of your email.

7. Do not add too much media, as it is often blocked

Lots of images or videos look nice enough in an email, but most email service providers are going to block it in order to protect the user.

This means that the user will only see a skeleton of your website when he/she sees it for the first time.

They will have to click “unblock,” But they are not going to do that because they cannot see what the email is all about or why you sent it.

So, keep the media to a minimum and try to concentrate on text. At least, make it so that there is enough text to see what the message is all about first.


What this article cannot do is specify what marketing techniques you should use when the email is opened.

The persuasive measures you take in order to increase your email click through rate is up to you.

But if you heed the advice in this article then, at least, you’ll stop inadvertently turning people away.

As a result, your email click through rate will certainly increase. 🙂

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