Marketing a Product in the Digital Age

Marketing a Product

Marketing a Product

Marketing a Product in 2016: In With The Old, In With The New

Learning how to combine marketing a product the traditional way with the new digital channels that are available makes for a winning advertising strategy in 2016.

Strategies for marketing a product have been around for as long as businesses have been selling goods. The process begins before launch when marketers will come up with a plan for the placement of a product in the marketplace.

This will involve coming up with a message to deliver to customers, a pricing policy, the position of the product in the industry and an attractive design to entice customers to buy it.

After the launch of the product, marketing will take the form of using various advertising channels to raise brand awareness and to retain existing customers with loyalty deals.

Marketing a Product the Traditional Way 

Marketing a product in 2016 is very much focused on the modern methods of advertising that have emerged in this digital age.

There is no doubt that these digital strategies are enormously useful, but excellent marketers will also realise the importance of continuing to utilise traditional product marketing tactics.

If applied correctly then these original approaches can help to complement digital strategies.


Labeling and design is an area of product marketing that has always been essential to get right. The look of a product conveys a message to the customer about its quality and the identity that the brand is trying to get across.

For instance, a product that is packaged in simple recyclable materials will prove to a customer that the brand cares about ethical and environmental issues.

The label design can grab the attention of a consumer by using classic or contemporary fonts with a vibrant or a monochrome colour scheme. These elements of product marketing really help to engage a customer with your product and are the foundations of creating brand awareness.

Digital Methods Of Marketing a Product

Marketing strategies in the digital age use a wide variety of platforms in order to advertise a product. TV and radio marketing still exists, but it is the birth of the Internet that draws much of the focus of savvy digital marketers.

Having a superior website with a strong image and excellent layout is the beginning of your digital marketing strategy.

From here you can use direct email advertising, digital video, targeted online ads and social media to push your product towards the correct audience for your niche.

Social media platforms are growing in number, but the best selection for product marketing are those that are visual. Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are all based on the sharing of digital images online.

Studies have found that social media posts with an image attached to them attract 94% more views than those without. Therefore visual content platforms offer the ability for brands to showcase pictures of their products, which is why it is vital that time has been spent before launch on achieving an attractive design with eye-catching labels.

Conclusion: Learn How To Combine Old And New

The best product marketers in 2016 will combine traditional marketing techniques with those that have been introduced in the digital age.

The key is to keep a grasp of the well-established methods of plugging a product, whilst embracing the new channels that are offered to us. Keep a strong design and labeling at the heart of the product, and the rest will come naturally.

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