How to Do Email Marketing the Right Way from the Start

How to do email marketing? First of all, read the top 3 tips below. Then take a look at the infographic that follows. It contains some eye-opening facts, not to mention, several handy tips. Enjoy!

How to Do Email Marketing: Make it Real

Your customers are real people. Keep in mind that you are not just sending your emails to certain addresses. There are real people behind them.

So, when you compose your emails make sure they look like they were also written by a real person, who put a lot of thought and times into composing it.

How to Do Email Marketing: Be the First to Give and the Second to Get

Of course, one of the main goals of email marketing is to monetize your blog or sell your product. But it’s a lot more important to put your customers’ interests first.

Let them know how they can benefit, make it clear: let them see that you care what they think and what they get. You cannot afford being selfish – that is way too expensive for your business!

How to Do Email Marketing: Analyze and Improve Constantly!

It’s good to have one or several samples of your emails: this helps you not to forget important things and technical details.

But there is absolutely no good in using the same email over and over again without changing it based on the results you got from your previous email campaigns and user/customer feedback.

If you email every two weeks, then you should update your samples every month. This also allows you to experiment and keep your readers attention, showing them something new every other time.

See more email marketing tips and useful statistics here, put together by BookYourData:

How to Do Email Marketing

How to Do Email Marketing


Learning how to do email marketing is a subject not to be taken lightly. Tons of online marketers get this all wrong. And when that happens, it can really affect your businesses in a bad, money-wasting, demoralizing way.

But if you keep all the above in mind when it comes to crafting your emails, you will be well on your way to getting opens, clicks and profits. 🙂

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How to Do Email Marketing

How to Do Email Marketing





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