Go From Casual Blogging to Making Money From a Blog

making money from a blog

making money from a blog

Making money from a blog via writing has never been as lucrative as it is today. Although this statement does not refer to writing in its basic, literary sense, this activity can bring a steady and substantial income in other ways.

However, every content- and copywriter has to know that their writing needs to have a specific purpose. Blogging is a perfect way to make some money while writing about various current affairs.

But it requires some soft skills and additional knowledge to turn such an activity into a money-making job.

Making money from a blog: ad-inviting content

The Internet has given birth to dozens of incredible phenomena in the way people get and share the information they need for improving their lives.

For instance, today outstanding experts in different fields often write for websites and blogs owned by people who know a little about the given niche.

Just like in a factory or a company, managers and owners are not the most knowledgeable people, but those with highly developed managerial and social skills.

So, if you want to turn your blog into a money-yielding place, it is vital to publish relevant content, generated by experts in the given branch.

That way will get a chance to promote their skills. In return, your blog will become a trustworthy source that will invite different companies to place their ads on it.

Pre-agreed affiliate options

Affiliate methods for making money from a blog are one of the most common deals between business partners.

Applied to the blogging environment, it basically means that a blogger or a blog owner makes an agreement with a company or a small business owner to publish content that will favor their products.

The more products or services are sold through your blog, the more money you earn from the companies that have placed ads on your website.

Of course, there are many ways of negotiating affiliate deals. However, a skillful blogger should always try to negotiate a guaranteed sum for placing ads on their blogs and avoid mere dependence on the number of sold items.

These affiliate blogs may also give you additional ideas for making money from a blog.

Safe blogging surroundings

The process of sending and receiving money on the Internet has become a piece of cake in the last few years.

The procedures for making financial transactions in the online environment are developing as we speak, which is why both bloggers and their customers should learn a little bit more about them.

First of all, bloggers should open a separate account for receiving their blogging money. Secondly, it is very important to opt for a reliable online payment system.

Finally, making online transactions still demands a grain of common sense. Translated to everyday language – never reveal your blogging account data to anyone.

Free podcasts

The point of having a blog is being seen and recommended in the online space.

As you are gaining popularity and the number of visits keeps growing, the potential of your blog will keep attracting new ad-placers and readers.

As you already know, people simply adore free stuff. Offering free audio podcasts on your blog will give your visitors and customers an incentive to come back to your blog.

Moreover, if the content of the content is interesting and relevant, they will share it on their social media profiles; a perfect recipe for a viral blogging strike. Always quote relevant experts and sources in your podcasts or even invite them to take part in them.

You can learn more about making your own podcasts here.


Modern technology gives us a huge number of options to connect with different people, have a great time and make some money along the way.

So, do not be afraid to start your own blog, but educate yourself in that area. Also, be sure to write in a helpful and accurate manner to show your professionalism while making money from a blog.

If you’d like to learn a little more about making money from a blog, Dean Holland let’s you in on a little secret for free here.

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making money from a blog

making money from a blog




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