Social Media Trends 2015: How the Way You Socialize Online Will Change

Social Media Trends 2015

Social Media Trends 2015

The trends in social media remain to drive business decisions while shaping the marketplace at the same time.

While some early indications for social media trends 2015 show that this movement will most likely continue to accelerate, the fact remains that it is difficult to predict how the future of social media will fare.

However, here are some social media trends that are expected to affect the way you use social media for either business or personal reasons:

Social Media Trends 2015: Social Media to Act as Your Wallet

Social media acting as your wallet is expected to become one of the prominent social media trends for the year 2015.

As of now, millions of social media users are already using their iPhones as a means of making online transactions via Apple Pay.

Other than that, screenshots which were released on October the previous year show a hidden payment feature which is located inside Facebook’s messenger app. This would enable millions of users to send money to each other using the app, with just their debit card information for free, once the feature is activated.

This kind of trend might actually become one of the major factors that customers would use when choosing where or how to shop.

Social Media Trends 2015: Alternative Social Networks are Surfacing

It will only be a matter of time ‘till the new social networks, which were launched way back in 2014, will make it to 2015 and beyond.

These networks aim to promise users with a simple social media interface, such as fewer ads and an enhanced privacy. However, it might also be a matter of time when the odds could get stacked against them when being pitted with the giants.

Meanwhile, new niche networks featuring a smaller user base are more likely to survive, with some good examples like Foodie, which focuses on people’s interests rather than the people themselves.

Social Media Trends 2015: Shopping via Social Media is Made Possible

Social networking giants Facebook and Twitter have both beta-tested “Buy” buttons which will show up in certain tweets and posts, making it possible for the users to make a purchase without necessarily leaving the network.

By 2016, this trend is expected to become even bigger as most social networks are now looking forward to incorporating eCommerce into their platforms.

For startups, this is actually a one-for-all solution to the problem of getting customers directly to their sites.

Within Facebook and Twitter, they can readily enjoy the benefit of a receptive audience, not to mention that establishing an online presence via social networks is a lot quicker and easier than bringing traffic directly to their own sites.

As soon as the users’ payment details are on file, it will only take a tap or two to make a purchase.

Social Media Trends 2015: Newer Technologies are Expected to Get in Touch

While newer technologies seem to appear almost right after each other, you shouldn’t forget to keep an eye on social media trends that involve technology.

Various gadgets like smart watches and fitness bracelets, even home appliances like refrigerators and bathroom scales, are now collecting data and sending it online. Moreover, most of these devices are pushing notifications to networks like Facebook and Twitter, a trend that will definitely expand in 2015.

Now, the challenge for the year 2015 lies on how to flawlessly integrate the Internet of Things with social media. In other words, devices which are capable of internet connectivity must improve their social intelligence and capability.

This could fare well by tapping into the users’ social graph in a lot of ways. One good example is a sound system that tracks your Facebook events, and after seeing that you’re planning a party, will generate an alert that will send suggestions to you about awesome music mixes.

By means of tracking users’ activities in their social media accounts, smart devices are expected to get even smarter as the year 2015 progresses.

Social Media Trends 2015: The Demand for Online Privacy will Surge

While there have been lots of anonymous social networks back in 2014 promising users the online privacy they needed, only a few of these so-called “private” networks actually fulfilled their promise.

With the hacking of Snapchat, revealing hundreds of thousands of sensitive user photos, along with the revealing of Whisper saving its users’ data in its own database, it’s no longer surprising that the demand for a social network with an enhanced anonymity and privacy online will rise.

As a matter of fact, there are already signs that even the major networks are acknowledging such a problem. Facebook is one example, making a move by introducing its new chat app Rooms that allow the users with the same interests to create their own chat rooms, while allowing them to keep their identities hidden.


New social media trends might continue to appear while THE current ones continue to evolve even further. Now the question is – how will you cope up with these changes?

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Social Media Trends 2015

Social Media Trends 2015





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