Gain Better Insight Using Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud CMS Tool

Sitefinity's Digital Experience Cloud CMS Tool

Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud CMS Tool

Digital marketing teams everywhere are buzzing about a CMS tool, called “The Digital Experience Cloud” by Sitefinity, which allows marketers to better understand the success of a site based on analysis of data gathered from the fully integrated Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS).

The role of a marketing strategist is to understand the way in which a site visitor uses a website and to create a positive experience for each user with the ultimate goal being conversions, usually into leads or sales.

How Does The Digital Experience Cloud CMS Tool Work?

The Digital Experience Cloud CMS tool is essentially a digital command centre, in that it has a centralised database which it uses to store data collected from various touch points that the visitor has used to connect with your site, for instance, web or mobile visits.

Multiple insights are obtained from the amalgamated data which are then manipulated and converted into actions in an attempt to increase conversions.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring models are one of the many features of the Digital Experience Cloud CMS tool. This assists your team in ascertaining how likely it is that any given lead becomes a customer.

The software examines how a visitor arrived on your site and in what way they utilised the site once they were on it. This allows marketing teams to decide what the next step is when working out how to handle any given visitor.

They may choose to tempt a lead into becoming a customer by sending them a voucher, or if the visitor has entered contact information, then the best step may be to send the visitor over to the sales team.

This fully-integrated lead scoring model also allows marketers to assess and review their marketing strategies.


Another feature of the Digital Experience Cloud CMS tool is the ability to assign ‘personas’. Personas are a way to label certain groups of your visitors within your potential customer pool, based on their likes, dislikes and habits as they surf the web.

They allow your marketing team the opportunity to send relevant content to visitors at the appropriate time in order to generate more sales. For example, a visitor who is furniture shopping could be presented with bank holiday sales furniture offers.

With the Digital Experience Cloud, each visitor can be assigned one primary persona with the option of unlimited secondary personas.

Measuring Performance

Perhaps the greatest reason to invest in Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud is to have the chance of gaining an overall vision of how successful your current marketing efforts are and thinking about what you can do to improve them.

The data gathered by this CMS tool can be incredibly illuminating and is excellent at highlighting what is working and not working from a visitor perspective, bearing in mind that not all visitors will have the same experience as each other.

Your team can also determine which of your marketing campaigns are providing you with the greatest number of conversions and also which of your tactics are providing you with the most cost-effective ways to obtain new business.


There are free analytics tools available, like Google Analytics, that will provide you with a lot of information about your visitors, but they only go so far. Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud is an effective CMS tool that will help you gain an extraordinary insight into your potential customer pool.

If you think your company could benefit from the use of the Digital Experience Cloud, contact Objective who are a Microsoft Gold Partner in Software Integration and also a SiteFinity partner.

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