Warning: Guest posting is KILLING Your Blog

Guest blogging has lots of benefits.

It will give you lots of new readers.

It will give you backlinks.

You will reach new persons and build relationship.

Really guest blogging is full of benefits.

This is a big DOUBT in mind of every blogger and I want to clear it.

I’m not saying that Guest blogging is a waste of time, but it has lots of cons which no one notices. I want to make you aware of those facts.

So let’s dive into the meat of this post.

You are simply KILLING Your blog

First off, You’ll lose one awesome post for your blog.

Okay, that’s not everything.

Once you did a guest post, you will have to promote it. Even if it gets a good popularity you will have to respond each and every comment at your post.

Think how much time it will take?

In this time if you work on creating content for your own blog then won’t it be more helpful ?

Obviously it will be.

Guest blogging is most horrible when your blog isn’t much popular.

Guest blogging is golden if you have enough content for your own blog.

Our main reason for guest blogging is probably getting more readers and convert them to loyal readers. This can be only completed when you have enough content to fulfill the new (first time) visitor.

What if you do guest posting when you don’t have even 30 posts in total?

The new visitor won’t be a loyal one and the guest posting you did would become totally A WASTE.

So now what to do?

Before guest blogging, get enough quality content for your own blog. It will give you huge benefit and a large readership too.

Develop content for your own blog first.

Try to make it catchy and attractive. Make it suitable for a first time visitor. Make it as engaging as possible.

At least make some 30+ posts for your own blog. Then interlink them to each other.

After you are done with that, It’s right time for GUEST BLOGGING FOR PROFIT.

Now your blog will have the power to convert the visitor you get from guest blogging to your loyal reader.

What is your opinion about this?

These are my thoughts about guest blogging.

I want to know that is our think mutual?  I hope that it would be 😉

Still I would love to meet you in comments and know your thoughts.


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