Blogging Tips – The 3 Most Important Things to Remember

Tell me, how easy is it to create a BLOG?

  • Go to blogger.
  • Sign in.
  • Click on Create a blog.

It’s so easy to start a blog, LOL!


It is right that creating a blog is easy-but a SUCCESSFUL blog isn’t.

You need to have some basic knowledge first.

If the base is strong, then the building will never fall down. I hope you understood what I’m trying to say you.

These are three basic things you should remember when blogging:

Blogging Tips – Investment

You have to invest two things if you want success; Time and Money.

The more time you invest, the more knowledge and experience you get.

I spend about 3 hrs on my blog daily (and I’m a student). It’s because of my passion, but you should spend at least 2 hrs a day on a new blog (on an old one too).

The more money you invest, the easier your work would be.

But remember that you have to invest money smartly, else nothing can get you to the top (not even money).

My story: I started a blog without a domain a while ago. I got very good traffic to it and PR-and a good Alexa ranking too.

I didn’t know about domains at that time (I was just a newbie). I lost all this when I shifted to a domain. It really took a lot of hard work to recover.

Blogging Tips – Your behavior

Think of yourself as a newbie always. Never get a bit of Ego.

Ego can kill anyone. Even Batman, Spiderman or YOU.

If ego can kill them who you are experienced and famous, then what about you and me? Are we something more than Batman or Spiderman? (at least I am not)

Also having smart behavior will attract customers. Proud behavior will make them hate you.

Even YOU won’t get anyone’s help with such bad behavior. So isn’t it better to keep the ego in our pockets, instead of showing it to people?

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Also, be helpful to others, so others will be helpful to you.

My story: I joined a group on Facebook. The members were almost all experts in blogging. I was acting so proud and egotistical at that time. This resulted in an immediate ban and I became helpless.

At that time, I was in need of help so much (because I was newbie).

Blogging Tips – Read a Lot

In order to write well, knowledge is needed.

Writing is the most important part in blogging. You should also spend 1 hr daily reading blogs and websites.

It will help you write better and in a more informed manner.

What do you say?

These are the most important basic blogging tips. Maybe I forgot to add something-then PLEASE tell me that in comments.

I would be really happy to read your story and your tips (if I like them a lot, I’ll add them here). 🙂


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