Generate Quality Leads On LinkedIn: 5 Tools To Reach Your Target Audience

LinkedIn is way more than just an online resume and networking site. It is also a comprehensive branding resource.

This platform lets industry professionals connect with each other and expand their business opportunities.

Connection on LinkedIn has become easier due to its enhanced targeting tools.

generate leads on linkedin

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Generate leads on linkedin: the benefits of these tools

LinkedIn has over 610 million members and 40% of them visit the site daily. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it helps you reach your targeted audiences at a large scale. The tools on this platform will help you:

  1. Expand your reach among lookalike audiences
  2. Get quality leads with interest targeting on LinkedIn
  3. Target the right audience with relevant audience templates 

Now that you know about the perks of using the tools on LinkedIn, let’s check out the tools.

Campaign forecasting panel

Campaign forecasting panel

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The campaign forecasting panel of LinkedIn has got a new outlook to help marketers know their audience even better. This panel makes sure you understand the type of audience that you are trying to connect with. The more you understand them, the better you will be able to resonate with them.

The panel will help you get an estimate of:

  1. Target audience size
  2. The categorisation of the target audience
  3. Projected number of clicks
  4. Estimates for the KPI for your number of clicks
  5. The approximate number of impressions

Simply put, the campaign forecasting panel provides insights into who your target audience is, where they work and what their interests are: what they like and what they dislike.

There is another option provided by the Campaign Forecasting Panel- Audience Breakdown Viewer. This one will help you choose a specific language and location if you want to target a more specific target audience.

New Boolean Logic

New Boolean Logic

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The ‘And/Or’ feature lets you refine your targeting criteria and customise your audience. You can either use ‘Narrow audience feature’ or ‘Exclude people’ feature as per your requirements.

For instance, you can target the job title of a software developer with zero experience OR software developer AND 7+ years of experience. 

This tool brings forth two options for you, such as:

  • Exclude people

This option lets you identify the audiences who did not meet the exclusion criteria but met your previous selections.

  • Narrow audience

This one reduces your audiences to those who could meet your previous selections and your new selection as well.  

Say you want to hire academic writers who can offer management and economics assignment help. Previously, you had to create two separate campaigns to hire management and economics writers.

However, with Boolean targeting, you can target both the audiences within a single campaign.

Demographic reporting feature


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The demographic reporting feature will help you understand the types of audiences clicking on your ads. You can take a look at the report and determine if your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn are going in the right direction. 

This report will also help you understand your audiences, who:

  • Watch your video ads
  • Open your sponsored InMail messages
  • Fill up your Lead Gen Forms

This report will help you understand if your marketing campaigns are bringing in quality leads and conversions. Thus, you don’t have to invest time in campaigns that won’t bring in any profit to your business. 

You can study the report and adjust LinkedIn marketing techniques & strategies such that people are able to interact with your ads.

Sales Navigator

sales navigator

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No matter what your niche of business is, every marketer has one primary aim- to generate quality leads. This is where the LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes into play. Here is how you can generate leads on linkedin with Sales navigator:

  • You can save your leads and display them on your Sales Navigator news feed. You can even filter your feed updates by top accounts, leads or recent updates.

  • You can set alerts to trigger a follow up. Say you set an alert by job type. Thus, this tool will alert you when one of your leads gets a new job.

  • This tool lets you use filters to find more targeted leads. 

Say you are looking for managing directors in the web industry on the east coast of the United States. Also, the company’s size has to be greater than 500 people.

Thus, you can type ‘marketing director’ in the keyword search. Then refine your search based on company size, industry, geography and department size.

  • The best thing about Sales Navigator is that it lets premium users to get access to a list of companies and people who visited their profiles.
  • You can even get in touch with them through InMail features and gauge their interests as per your requirements. 

In my opinion, both organisations and sales teams can take advantage of this opportunity to convert a prospect into a customer. The sales navigator uses an advanced algorithm to bring forth prospects relevant to your business.

This tool also provides valuable sales insights to make sure you make the best strategic decisions. Sales navigator encompasses relationship-building tools that will help you move closer to making a sale.



As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn consists of more than 430 million members. This huge client base of LinkedIn is also one of the main challenges for marketers.

You may get confused with all the data contained in this platform. Which data to believe? What data should you follow? LeadFuze is the solution to this problem.

The features of LeadFuze [H3]

  1. Initially, you had to find business contacts one by one on LinkedIn. With LeadFuze, you can be more specific in terms of search.

  2. You can search for contacts based on particular roles and industries in no time.
  3. This tool not only shares the contact details of your target audience but also unlocks their phone numbers and social profiles.

  4. LeadFuze introduces you to Fuzebot, which is a virtual sales assistant. It will bring the freshest leads on your feed every day.

The Fuzebot crawls all the data sources to find out the leads that match your criteria. Then it adds the leads to your list along with their email IDs, phone numbers and social media profiles.

Simply put, LeadFuze makes the process of collecting leads 10X easier. Usually, marketers run out of time for regular follow-ups. LeadFuze can help you create and send personalised emails to your clients automatically.

This tool can boost your media marketing strategy to a great extent. You can dig up the contact details of your target clients and follow up with them without any hassle – an excellent way to generate leads on linkedin.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is the best place for any marketer to reach the target audience and build quality prospects. You just need to use the right tools to make that possible for you. 

Use the tools as mentioned above and you will be able to generate leads on linkedin and expand your networking community in no time.

Do you have any other tools in mind that can help you connect with your target audience on LinkedIn? Comment down your answer below.

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