BuzzStream Review: Is This Outreach & Link Building Tool Worth it? review


Link building and outreach are one of the most important things that a brand should do.

However, it can be quite a time consuming, especially since outreach and link building is all about relationship building.

In comes BuzzStream, one of the tools today that claims it can make your life easier and your outreach and link building more efficient.  

But what is BuzzStream?

BuzzStream Review

BuzzStream is an outreach and relationship CRM tool that helps you grow your outreach campaigns as well as manage it if used correctly.

Here’s our BuzzStream review when it comes to this tool.

Con: Despite being a powerful tool, it’s not one of the easiest tools to master.

Pro: Awesome features and easy email management and outreach.

Here are some of the automated tasks that BuzzStream live can help you with. 

  • Finding email addresses
  • Researching prospects
  • Tracking reply rates
  • Sending follow-up emails

And all of these things can be done in one place! How awesome is that?

You can say goodbye to Gmail tabs and Excel spreadsheets. You can use BuzzStream to manage all of your outreach and link building tasks.

Overall, we give a BuzzStream review of 9/10 when it comes to functionality, work effectiveness, and features.

Now, let’s take a look at its features.

BuzzStream Features

Find Bloggers and Influencers

Whether you are using BuzzStream for content promotion, link building, or digital PR, the very first step in any outreach and link building campaign is finding the right people.

Today, a lot of people use Google to find their prospects. This approach works, but it’s very slow.

You have to copy and paste each site that you find in a spreadsheet. Afterward, evaluate the prospects one by one. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Good thing, BuzzStream has a Discovery feature which evaluates and finds prospects in just one place.

Just input what you are searching for, and BuzzStream Discovery will show you a list of industry experts.

Aside from that, you can sort each result by Moz Domain Authority, a number of followers, categories, location, and a lot more!

Search Contact Info

Now that you have listed your prospects, it’s about time to pitch to them with their email addresses. With Buzz Stream, you can do this step in two different ways.

Install BuzzMarker

It is a Chrome extension which scans any site that you are on and automatically finds a valid email address.

If there’s no email address, it will show you the URL of the contact page of the website.

Not only that, but it allows you to track and manage your campaigns from your browser!

You can easily see whether a site is already part of your campaign, so you don’t have to reach out to the same influencer twice.

Inside BuzzStream, you’ll also find people’s contact info.

Outreach Templates

Any outreach tool in the market can let you send emails via their platform, but why do that with BuzzStream?

Because BuzzStream makes outreach an easier task! This is also the main reason why we have a positive Buzztream review.

First things first, you can quickly create email templates and even add these to your outreach messages.

There’s no need to copy and paste. You get to save a lot of time here. Plus, you can add custom fields in your email template which BuzzStream automatically fills in.

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Second, BuzzStream can help you track almost ANYTHING. It includes response rates, open rates, and which templates perform the best.

Lastly, you can get a lot of info about a person in a single place when you are outreaching. This includes the websites and social media profiles they are writing for.

With this, you can personalize your outreach messages easier.

Automated Follow-up Messages

Bloggers and influencers are busy people. So it might take you a few follow-up emails until they notice your message.

With BuzzStream, some sequences help you follow-up with your link prospects automatically.

One or two follow-ups can increase your outreach success rate. It improves your conversion rate without having to annoy people.

There’s also an option where you can set follow-up messages after some time has passed.

If you don’t like automated follow-ups, you can let BuzzStream remind you to send a message.

Tracking and Reporting

It’s a huge pain to track your outreach results, especially if you are doing it on your own without the help of any tool.

Just imagine all the spreadsheets and the graphs you have to do.

With BuzzStream, there’s a tracking feature that you can use. Here are three of the reports you can receive:

  • Team Insights
  • Message Insights
  • Project Insights
  • Link Monitoring

When reaching out to people and they add your link to their site, they will get back to you.

However, some won’t. During these times, BuzzStream’s Link Monitoring is helpful.

This feature scans the sites in your database to find out whether or not they linked to you.

Aside from that, you can set it up, so it checks for links to your site’s specific page or a particular URL. This automatically updates every two weeks.

These are just some of the BuzzStream’s features that can be quite useful when doing an outreach or link building process.

Before You Consider Outreach Link Building

However, before you consider outreach link building, here are some that you have to take care of.

Keep Your Design Modern and Clean

If your site looks old and unappealing, your outreach efforts may not be taken seriously.

You Already Have Top Content

Of course, before you ask people to link to you, you should provide them with high-quality linkable content.

Without excellent content, your chances of succeeding are slim.

You Have A Recognizable Avatar

Always put a face on your content. Make a name for yourself.

If people recognize you, they will respond quickly to your emails.


All in all, BuzzStream is a great tool to use in link building and outreaching. If done correctly, it’s a powerful tool to make your brand known.

However, before you start using it, familiarize yourself first with the tools and features that this has.

This way, you can do it better and increase your conversions.

Do you have any questions about our BuzzStream review? Let us know in the comments below.

We’re looking forward to what you think about BuzzStream.


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