Why You Must Invest In Contentmart For Your Business Writing Needs

contentmartAre you an early bird startup who is willing to achieve written success on a shoestring budget?

Or a cash-strapped entrepreneur who is looking out for cost-effective content writing services to yield success out of his or her business?

Or a marketing professional like me who is in a constant search for quality content to boost his efforts?

Whatever your profession or business need may be, there are two dominating aspects that might appear familiar to you –

1. The need to boost your brand/company reputation or credibility through quality content

2. And achieving the same in a cost-effective way

So, if you’re sailing on the same struggling boat, then these business needs are compelling enough to invest in Contentmart – the leading digital content marketplace for freelance content writing services.

Before I pour out my experience as a content buyer on this platform, let me make a point; this isn’t a promotional write-up, but I am writing this down to help other struggling business, startups and marketing professionals like me that are constantly looking out for a cost-effective content delivery mechanism like – Contentmart

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is an online content marketplace that has been operating for quite a few years now and is a brilliant platform (as per my experience) to avail of high-quality content writing services at extremely affordable prices.

Reasons Why Investing in Contentmart is Worth It:

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Uncompromised Quality

They have a varied price range, depending on the writer’s level of expertise. However, every price point is worth the quality received.

Contentmart has made availing of quality content easy for us content buyers by creating star-ratings that depict the quality level a writer can offer.

Starting from $0.005/word and going up to $0.15/word, the platform has an immense variety to offer in terms of different writing styles and prices.

I chose a 3-star writer for my SEO needs at a super affordable price of $0.10/word.

The deadline was set by me; I had a chance to explore previous work samples written by the writer through their portfolio section and was completely impressed by their adherence to the deadline.

No compromise on quality at all.

Strict Adherence To Deadlines

We all work in a competitive business environment where the deadline is the biggest decisive factor.

Outsourcing a business process usually tags along an apprehension to miss the deadline as it involves a dependency on the service provider.

I too had similar concerns when I first decided to place my order on Contentmart. Now after almost 6 timely completed orders, I not only trust investing in it, but even can recommend it to you guys.

This confidence is based on experience and not mere assumptions.

To make sure that the content buyers are completely secure in their dealing, Contentmart has even introduced a new feature that empowers the client to pay only 50% of the order price in case the writer misses the given order deadline.

Never Ending List (of Freelance Writers)

With a global base, Contentmart offers a pool of freelance writers from all around the globe. From native speakers to experienced wordsmiths, such a wide talent pool assures every content-based need is met with excellent writing.

They offer multilingual content writing services. So no matter what language your business deals in or the market or audience it serves, your marketing efforts will be on target to attract you best results – which otherwise might cost way more with an internal resource.

Time Effective

Getting work done by an in-house resource or, if you’re like me, someone with no in-house resource at all, then working with a platform like Contentmart can save you a lot of your productive business time.

Here at this platform you simply register yourself, add the required funds into your platform wallet, create an order for your requirement, get multiple bids from expert freelance writers, select the best match and get your content within the selected deadline. It’s simple!

This saves a lot of time and effort for professionals and startups. Instead of entering into the vicious circle of dedicating time & putting in all the hard work, taking a detour with Contentmart is the most time-effective measure.

No Immediate Investment

Ok, so this is the best part of this marketplace. When you place an order, the order price gets blocked/escrowed and is released or credited to the writer only when you are 100% satisfied with the content delivery.

So this means you will only pay for content that you need and can reject the content & pay nothing for it if you are not satisfied with it.

Another aspect to add in here is the Free Registration. As a content buyer, you can register on the platform for free and use your money only for the content buying process.

Adding both these aspects makes Contentmart a win-win deal for content buyers.

You Can Communicate With Potential Writers

So like a full-time employee, this platform offers you a scope of interacting with the prospect writers in real-time through their inbuilt chat messenger.

This interaction not only benefits you by selecting the right writer for your order, but is even functional for answering a writer’s query (in case they have any during the order completion process) and even acts as a follow-up mechanism for the content buyers.

Like, I was in constant touch with the writer to make sure he understood my requirement completely and in this process, even the writer came forward with a set of questions that helped him deliver my work well in time and with precision.

It was almost like sitting in my office and having a one-on-one with my in-house resource and getting the work done in time and in the agreed manner.

To Conclude My Experience!

For me, using Contentmart has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made in recent times.

I hope that reading my personal experience of using Contentmart will help you all in fulfilling all or most of your content-based business needs.

If convinced and you’d like to invest in this seamless way of getting quality content in no time, then register, explore and embark on a hassle-free search of talented freelancers.

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