6 Important Reasons Why Every Blogger Should Consider Guest Blogging

guest bloggingGuest blogging is one of the most excessively employed inbound marketing strategies used by bloggers today.

It is a method which allows bloggers to write guest posts to be published on a third party website to enhance their reputation and to expose their expertise to new eyes.

Guest blogging enables them to reach a different audience and simultaneously increase blog traffic, which might improve their search engine rankings.

Many websites and blogs accept guest posts because producing fresh and quality content regularly to keep the audience engaged can be very difficult.

Guest blogging makes blog management for popular websites relatively easier as it is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Besides, it also provides publishers essentially free content to publish while the authors use a new and bigger platform to promote their work and expertise by dishing out unique posts every now and then.

Following are the reasons why guest blogging can prove to be a great idea for every blogger:

Guest blogging reaches a wider audience

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of guest blogging is that it gives you and your content incredible exposure, which is why it is probably the most impactful self marketing strategy out there.

It allows you to get your thoughts, ideas, opinions and expertise across to a wider audience, which can prove to be extremely valuable, especially if you are trying to build your bio.

In fact, writing quality guest posts is a substantial way of developing an online presence.

Establishes authority and improves credibility

The main focus for every blogger should be getting their posts published on popular blogs or websites that their target audience seeks out on a regular basis.

For instance, if you consider yourself to be a food connoisseur, you should be getting your write-ups publish on well-established websites belonging to the same niche, which in this case would be cooking, health or lifestyle-related.

Contributing well-researched, valuable and informative guest posts to famous blogs will assist in solidifying your reputation as an authentic writer in an already well-established online community.

Not only is guest posting an effective way to make a name for yourself, but with time, it will expand your readership as well.

Therefore, it is essential to showcase your proficiency in writing and research when you are submitting to third party websites, as it lets you advertise yourself as an expert.

Strengthens SEO

Guest blogging, if done right, can attract traffic to your own website. How? It’s fairly simple.

Nowadays, one of the more savvy digital marketing techniques employed by various business enterprises is the publication of guest posts on their websites.

This works to their advantage, since it not only caters to their niche audiences, but also provides a variety of fresh perspectives to the readers.

Keeping this in mind, there must be some way for the guest writers to benefit from such a relationship; and this benefit comes in the form of link backs.

Most websites agree to let the guest writer submit a brief bio along with the post, which allows them the opportunity to incorporate link backs that will route quality traffic to their own website or social media profiles.

Sometimes, if you are a regular content contributor to a website, they might also permit you to add inbound links throughout the article.

In such a case, carefully integrate link backs to relevant blog posts, which are already present on your personal website, in the guest post you are writing.

Search engine rankings significantly depend on link backs. Thus, the correlation goes something like this – the higher the number of your guest posts on various blogs, the more the link building which in turn leads to enhanced SEO.

Enhances social media presence

Social media is a well known platform used by almost every website or blog to expand their subscriber base.

Thus, any new post that is published on a website is also shared on their respective social media pages.

This means that any guest post you write will give you the invaluable publicity that only social media can bring.

Moreover, constantly producing authentic, valuable and quality material will definitely improve your online visibility because good content always gathers the most likes, comments and shares on social media.

This will not only assist in increasing your social media followers and improving traffic to your own blog or website, but also it will validate your reputation as a good and dependable writer.

Expands your online circle

Another great advantage of having your content publicized on different blogs and then shared on social media is that more often than not, readers tend to instigate discussions and conversations in the form of comments or tweets.

This is a golden opportunity for creating good rapport with your readers.

There is no doubt that guest blogging and social media can direct audiences to your personal blog. However, it is your job to make them stay.

Engage and interact with them to convert them into regular readers or better yet, subscribers. Remember that relationship building is the essence of a successful blogging career.

If done right, this can expose you to bigger and better opportunities and help you become noticed by other websites looking for guest blogger services.

Therefore, guest blogging plays a vital role in expanding your online circle.

Enhances your skills

When preparing a post for their own blogs, writers tend to set their own rules and work at their own pace.

However, writing guest posts pushes bloggers out of their comfort zone and forces them to think outside the box, as they now have to write by someone else’s set of rules and guidelines.

This impels the writer to put out research-backed, thorough and authoritative pieces that are written as per the guidelines provided by the website they are writing for.

This, in turn, enhances their abilities to produce quality blogs and makes them adopt a variety of writing styles, which broadens their skill set.


Surely, after having established the numerous benefits of guest blogging, you have been convinced to send out a few posts to various websites to try your hand at this fun yet incredibly useful marketing strategy; a strategy that will not only result in your personal, but professional growth as well.

Furthermore, if you are new to the blogging world, becoming a guest blogger is a sure fire way to get in the game.

It’s always important to remember though that, in order to reap maximum benefits from guest blogging, you must remain patient and consistent in your endeavours.


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