Running Blind With SEO Black Hat Techniques? 4 Habits You Need to Kick

seo black hat techniques

seo black hat techniques

SEO black hat techniques were the done thing a good few years ago. Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that SEO was and is still vital for business. However, things have changed quite a lot over the years.

Even though search engine optimization is still a fundamental part of any marketing strategy, it must be done right for that company to see a visible return on investment.

One of the most common challenges of SEO is getting on Google’s first page. It’s hard to rank first, but not impossible. You need to ditch the old SEO black hat techniques and use only the latest SEO techniques to stand above the crowd.

Anchor text links for linking

Search engine optimizers used to improve their marketing campaigns by optimizing their links. These links are better known as “anchor texts”. The tactic is old, and very few still use it.

Adding hyperlinks for keywords you want your site to rank for doesn’t work anymore. For example, if you want to rank “wrinkle cream” on Google, the anchor text would have to be “best wrinkle cream” with a hyperlink to a beauty website.

In the past, the tactic made quite an impact. But search engines are no longer impressed by this method. In some cases, anchor texts might even get you a penalty from Google and your website’s reputation will be greatly affected.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that anchor texts shouldn’t be used. But you are advised to make use of safe anchors, such as keyword variations: organic wrinkle creams, for example.

Or make use of long-tail key phrases: buying an all-natural wrinkle cream is a great way to preserve your skin and beauty for years.

SEO black hat techniques: keyword stuffing

Stuffing your content with keywords was yet another one of those SEO black hat techniques that worked in the past. But, rightly so, Google wants quality and can easily tell whether your content is qualitative or not.

Websites that still stuff their articles with random keywords that make no sense get penalized. And rather than being ranked first, your website will become invisible.

Keyword stuffing doesn’t provide a satisfactory reading experience for your users. These days, Google doesn’t care much about keywords.

For instance, if you own a website and your target is to rank for the keyword “loans”, making use of related terms that are relevant, such as “finances”, “cash flow”, and “lending”, will be enough for Google to understand what you want.

Do not attempt to fool search engine bots. They’ve become much smarter and they will know whether your content was created with good intentions of not.

Focus on high-quality, valuable content that people can relate to and Google will reward you for “good behavior”, by ranking you first.

Buying links – a huge NO-NO

Google released Penguin back in 2012. It was the “beginning of the end” for old SEO black hat techniques because it carried a very important message.

The Penguin update advised optimizers to stop buying links. Continuing to do so may lead to severe penalties from Google. Why? Good SEO doesn’t rely on paid links, but on earned links.

So if you want better rankings, you now have to work hard to get them. Indeed, if you don’t earn your links, your brand can’t be seen as trusted or reliable by Google.

Paid links may drive traffic, but they don’t help your conversion rate. People will just click your site, and exit in less than 3 seconds.

Having 10,000 people click your website only to stay 3 seconds doesn’t mean they’re engaged or interested in buying.

Rather than waste precious time and money buying links, you’re better off promoting quality content on social media and reaching out to people in a smooth and natural way.

Low quality content

Google hates low quality content. So, if you’re still buying spun articles that provide zero value to your audience, you should stop.

Quality is king for Google, and this will never change. Let’s not forget that the competition is fierce out there. And if you can’t find a way to craft content that appeals to your audience, you’ll never make it.


Done right, SEO can work miracles for your brand and website. So make sure you focus on creating engaging, informational content.

And remember: avoid those outdated, spammy SEO black hat techniques at all costs. They will only get you removed from Google’s index!

Another way to appeal to Google is by paying a little more attention to your website design. But if you’re not that talented, then an experienced ecommerce web design company should be able to help you stand above the crowd.

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seo black hat techniques

seo black hat techniques



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