Real Talk: Does Email Marketing Really Work Still?

email marketing

email marketing

Marketing success is a moving target. As people’s lifestyles change, advertising practices also have to evolve to stay relevant to their audience.

A few years ago, email marketing used to top the charts when it comes to marketing strategies. But as social media became the main platform in digital communication, email marketing has been shoved down the list.

This means email marketing is no longer effective, right?


You might be surprised to know that email marketing is still a vital tool that you can use to advance your business.

The best way to prove this is to take a look at recent email marketing statistics and see how you can use these findings to your advantage.

Here are some email marketing facts proving that this advertising strategy is still relevant today:

Year 2016:

  • According to Customer Intelligence, 58% of the adult population prefer to check their emails at the start of their day.
  •  A Mailigen study had 89% of marketing specialists pointing to email as their lead generation channel.
  • Forbes shows email marketing as the number one source for analytics information for 41% of marketers.
  • There are 900 million active Gmail users in the world, and 75% of them check their emails on their phones or tablets, according to a study by TechCrunch.
  • Millennials are still checking their emails regularly. In fact, 70% of them open their emails in bed, 57% check their mails in the toilet, and 27% skim through their mails while driving, according to an Adobe study.

Year 2015:

  • Email is Not Dead proved that this marketing strategy is still vital, what with 61% of consumers preferring to receive promotional emails in their Inbox every week.
  • There is a 158% rise in click-through rates for emails with social media sharing buttons, according to a study conducted by Nonprofit Hub.
  • According to 20% of marketing experts, a significant percentage of their company’s revenue is attributed to email operations, a Pardot report says.

Year 2014:

  • A survey by Capterra shows that there are a total of 247 billion electronic mails sent daily. This is equal to 1 email sent every 0.00000035 second.
  • There are 897 million email users in the world for the mobile platform only. This number of subscribers comprises of regular consumers and business people, according to a study by the Radicati Group.
  • Marketing strategists in McKinsey and Company concluded that new customers are 40 times more likely to sign up through email than via Facebook or Twitter.

The key points mentioned above are just a fraction of the studies conducted by advertising specialists. These findings prove that email is not only alive, it also remains as a strong facet of the marketing system.

What You Can Do About These Facts:

Business owners who want to write off email marketing thinking social networks have made it obsolete need to think again.

Remember: consumers don’t need to wait to get home to their computers to check their inbox. Smartphones and tablets have made the process of checking one’s emails more convenient.

This immediate connection to your target market means a direct marketing opportunity.

Here are some techniques on how to make these facts work to your business’ advantage:

1. Email to Connect, not to Advertise:

Although the main reason you send out emails to your consumers is to market your business, you don’t need to make a sales pitch every time you write them.

Consumers have grown weary of receiving emails that bombard them with deals, especially if they can’t see an immediate use for these offers.

Don’t just paste spiels on your emails. Instead, add a personal note or share links to blog posts that help your customers see how your services will improve their lives.

2. Timing is Everything – Even in Email Marketing:

According to statistics, a good number of consumers check their inbox first thing in the morning. Make sure to deliver your newsletters and promo ads just in time for your customers’ morning coffee or before they get ready for work.

3. Content is Still King:

Remember that you are dealing with an audience that prefers fast and concise information. Make your messages short and sweet, but also informative.

Avoid rambling. Make use of infographics, captivating images, or even videos. Make sure your target consumers hear you out in the shortest time possible.

Bonus Scoop:

Hire a Virtual Assistant:

One of the reasons business owners lose touch with their consumers is because they communicate with them in a brisk, impersonal way.

Hiring a virtual assistant will take care of this. VAs specializing in email handling will not only build better relationships with customers, they will also make sure your emails are timely and organized.


Although marketing is constantly changing, email is still a significant part of its scheme. It has only changed its landscape over time.

Backed with these statistics and techniques, how will you use email marketing to your advantage?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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Author Catherine Vanvonno

Author Catherine Vanvonno


Catherine Vanvonno is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.

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